Ulog #3: Early morning selfie

in hive-173493 •  5 days ago 

Good morning uloggers! Hope you all had a wonderful night rest? It's a beautiful day and I'm grateful to God for life.

Since the lockdown began, some things has quite changed like compared to our normal day and routines.


I just woke up from sleep right now and I know very well it is showing on my face 🙈. On a normal day before now, you dare not wake up by this time because of house chores and other important activities.

Since I have no where to go these lockdown, I now sleep sometimes late and wake up late like today.

I'm always pretty all the time 😜 that's why my morning selfie is beautiful. I feel so good and refreshed this morning and I can smell good things coming around.


I'll have to go now and maybe sleep again.. lol 😂 or see if I can find anything to do before today elapses.

Till I come your way again later in the day, take care of yourself and stay safe. Love you loads😍😍😍.

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There's really little or nothing to do with this lockdown, keep sleeping

Lol 😂... I see you have been doing same