Ulog #4: Mhizerbee in the kitchen

in hive-173493 •  4 days ago 

Hello there... hope your day is going well? As for me, I am really enjoying my day, I did't really have much things to do today.

Well well, so I don't only sleep and wake up late, I can cook perfectly well, my mother actually taught me well.

So what is mhizerbee cooking?


As you can see in the picture above, the picture is quite dark cos of the weather in my locality. That's coconut and I want to use and prepare coconut rice, it's one of my special delicacies.

I still have a sleepy face tho 🙈, could it be I still slept again? Yeah I actually did so. It's not my fault, lol 😂 it's lockdown.

In less than an hour my sumptuous coconut rice will be ready for consumption 😋. If you want to have a taste just DM 😃.

Okay so, I'll be dropping some good delicacies cooked by me in subsequent times. Stay tuned😎.

Today is actually going to a close and that's what I did today. I hope to be strong, healthy and alive from now till tomorrow.

Thank you very much for reading till I come your way again maybe today or tomorrow 😃😃😃. Do have a good evening and stay safe. Love y'all 😍😍😍.

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