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Hello everyone! Good evening guys 😊...hope today was good?
Okay so I'm so delighted about the errrm🤔 should I say the return of #ulog. I missed everything about this community especially posting things about "Me".

A very big special thanks to @surpassinggoogle for bringing back this community. I pledge to be active with immediate effect 😀.

I'll love to introduce myself for the newbies and those who didn't know me too well.

Who is Mhizerbee?

Mhizerbee's name is Abasiama Etim Bassey, a Nigerian, my home town is Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I am a lover of God and the English version of my name is God's love. So you see, God loves me so much.

I teach, braid hair, write and sing too.

I've got some words of encouragement for you out there reading this.

  • No matter what you may going through in life, never let go of your happiness.

  • Happiness is the only fuel that will keep you going when all seems to not be going well.

Today got me looking like this


People ask me why I smile every time and I tell them it's because it looks good on me. Yah!!!

Smile and laugh always. It prolongs your life.

Let all hands be on deck for the betterment of this community.

Thank you very much for reading, I appreciate.

Do have a great day.

I still remain @Mhizerbee.

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Thank you for Ulogging. Among other things, it helps you consciously tap into this shine, that the world can find more lights.

Kindly subscribe to UloggersTV on Youtube and turn on notifications for updates and to ask further help:

Whenever you need help, we can solve it today. Just send an email to ''. We can dedicate a livestream on UloggersTV to discuss the situation and look for solutions. I will share my screen too to show you the tools you need.

There is a discord too:

Wow...thank you very much

Here is a simple ulog contest that i will like you to participate in. You can post same ulog to the ulogs community on Hive and on Steem, if you are there.
Kindly invite others too to participate. It is very easy.