Explaining my medicinal garden through videos. School Assignment

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Hello friends, today I tell you that to comply with the group participation course three weeks ago I prepared a mini garden with medicinal plants, with the intention of explaining the benefits and uses of each one.


We had to choose 5 plants and I selected: Boldo better known as acetaminophen or atamel, Water cress also known as toad watercress, basil, aloe and oregano apricot.


In the video that I prepared for my teacher, I explained how to grow each plant, in my case I planted the aloe plant by sowing children of the original plant. I sowed basil by transplanting a plant that was born from the seed. The watercress, oregano orejón and boldo or acetaminophen were planted with twigs of other plants that with careful irrigation and exposure to the sun managed to remain as a new plant in this container.

Explain the benefits and prepare a boldo tea demonstrating the ingredients and way of preparation and their usefulness.

Although this activity is to fulfill a school activity, I must admit that it left me a great experience of planting and medicinal uses of these plants.

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