The videos that I have prepared in the last days, about my favorite series.

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Hello friends, today I want to show you a list of the videos that I have prepared during this month, that I have been a bit absent with publications, I must confess that I have distributed my time in various activities, where photography has also been a way to distract myself and enjoy capturing good pics.

These days I will also show crafts and drawings.

Video # 1: June 13

Sofía Y Raúl (+ Javier) • What you don't know.

A girl who tries to find a hacker who threatens to destroy the lives of her peers among this she finds herself between choosing the new boy with a hard past or the rich boy who turns out to be the one who least expected

Video # 2: July 3

Damon & Elena • Hold On ~ The Vampire Diaries.

Damon falls in love with his brother's girlfriend, when at last his love is reciprocated he has to go through many obstacles to be together.

Video # 3: July 8

Compilation of goodbye letters:

They are compilations of letter farewells in series and movies

Video # 4: July 19

Laura and Massimo • River

It is a story about a drug trafficker who kidnaps a girl and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Video # 5: July 19

Alma Y Dario • Physical ~ Dark Desire

It is about a respected woman who is married but her life changes completely when she meets a young man with an interesting past and falls in love with him.

Video # 6: July 21

Darío y Alma • Curiosity ~ Dark Desire

A young man approaches the wife of a respected judge with the purpose of avenging his father's death, but all his plans fall apart when he falls in love with her.

Video # 7: July 25

Noah And Elle • All You Ever ~ The Kisses Stand 2

It continues with the story of Noah and Elle, after Noah is outside a studio far away, and Elle have to fight to be able to cope with their relationship at a long distance.

All the videos I prepare can be enjoyed on my YouTube channel: I'm A Mess

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