Ulog: Attending A Social Distance Wedding

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I love weddings, do you love weddings too?
I mean the idea of two different people coming together brings lot of meanings to our lives.

Like our existence, our parents, our siblings and the joy of having a family all started at weddings.

Since the lockdown, I haven’t attended any wedding, I was supposed to attend that of my best friend from college but Miss Corona wasn’t having it.

She had to settle for a small family wedding in court. Which was very cool and nice.But today I had the opportunity of attending that of a family friend.

I call it a short, simple and social distancing wedding....it was really interesting and I feel like right now in Nigeria it’s one of the best times to get married.

Seats were arranged 2meters apart, exchange of vows was brief and the bride wasn’t late this time. Hahaha 😂

How do you like a social distance wedding and everything being super organized.Well I did enjoy myself however.

So tell me what social function have you attended lately?

Did it feel awkward practicing social distancing and do you like it like at all?!

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