Finding strength and balance

in hive-173493 •  4 months ago 


Not quite there but will keep practicing 🤗

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This move takes a lot of upper body strength! Nice going @purepinay! Do you have a progression in mind? I'm just curious! 😄

Looks like practice about frog jumping!! 🐸

Omg looks like it Hahaha!

It's cool.

Yay! Thank you haha

Dang, you doing fitness magic tricks girl

Not really, trying physics lol

wow really amazing @purepinay. I like you., you are the best😍

Haha thanks ☺

great .. amazing, I really like fitness🥰🥰🥰


Keep it up 👍🏾

Thanks! 🤗

No problem my friend 🤝 hope you are all good and well

I have to practice for many years to be able to do it, you're spectacular, a real gym girl

I only hold for less than 5 sec haha

The time needed for the photo, hahaha, a friendly hug