I honestly can't imagine life without coffee!

in hive-173493 •  26 days ago 


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Hindi kaya bes! :D

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-08 at 08.47.22.jpeg

Yes, coffee is the largest drinksbin world wide, you are try to make a perfect blend.

I cant imagine Hive without that gorgeous body of yours LOL

Enjoying some espresso right now myself.

I can imagine it. It’s not pretty. Let’s hope they never happens.

That looks so refreshing Gil. Am enjoying my Dalgona Coffee and moron myself! They seem to be the perfect pair! 😋 Let's have a drink. Ang init eh! Hahaha! 😂


Have a beautiful day ahead my beautiful friend. 😍

Lol I don't drink coffee but I do like the smell of it

Wow! I can imagine how good it would taste!


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