Monday motivation!

in hive-173493 •  4 months ago 


First day of general community quarantine (means still under quarantine!)... the gym is still closed so I have to use the outdoor space.

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Its good to see you again with your work out, seems like you are getting thicker than previous in quarantined or my eyes is fatigue!! 😍

Yes I've gained some fats and muscles haha is that possible haha

I am watching you very sharpely!! 🤓

Looking good, glad you're getting out there and doing your thing! I can't wait for all those lock downs to be over, I'm going to run around naked lol you can't stop me I'm not wearing a mask or underpants

Haha omgtake a video!

LOL I'm sure if I do it someone will

@purepinay is the best I love 🥰🥰🥰

Haha thanks ☺


Plank 💙💙💙 ♩♬♬

more lower your hips and core balance :)

always take good care ! 💙💙💙 @purepinay

I couldn't, my back and butt is freaking sore!! Hahaha

yup it really killing pain :)