My Minimalist graphics designs

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I came across a post made by @surpassinggoogle of making certain designs of his quotes to be able to inscribe on T-shirts. first off, I'd say those quotes are amazing words of wisdom and nuggets one can live by. They could be written on walls and everywhere just to remind you, "DO YOU? WHO ARE YOU?". A lot of other quotes that come in handy almost every time. Below are some of my designs.


I made this one into a transparent background. I liked it, I also used it as my background wallpaper. It says a lot for me.


I also did this on a transparent background but I would just share this one instead. The designs are not all that sophisticated, I know but I felt really satisfied I was able to do something starting off.


The third and final design I made which is definitely not the least. It is kinda my favorite. I made these designs with my smartphone on a website called [canva](, you can check it out. Thank you for reading
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