Celebrating Wode Maya And His 'Africa To The World' Movement With A 5K Words Ulog

In this ulog, i will be narrating a 5,000 words ulog written about Wode Maya and the 'Africa to the world' movement. You can find this ulog about Wode Maya here: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/06/21/how-to-contact-wode-maya-and-have-him-contact-you-too/

Just don’t call him ‘short’. He is a village boy and this particular village boy, “an African village boy”, is a ‘giant man’.

‘Man’ man!

While surmounting mountainous odds, he carries ‘hefty’ dreams; the ‘dreams of many nations’. He has chosen to; that he may stand tall. He stands tall.

‘Yao Ming’? He dunked it through, “no shoes”, taking ‘Africa to the world’ in turn. A very giant undertaking!

A-past he walks, through the expanses, flip-flopping it through, that he may ransack its nooks and crannies and reveal its excerpts. He has allowed room for ‘his evolution’ that he may constitute ‘the stories and histories that sparks ‘evolution’ in others’.

Amidst secular accolades, in the midst of a ‘painted world’ that is inclined towards ‘outer-space’, he has stayed ‘down-to-earth’. He is a very village boy!

May “rare intel” be revealed by virtue of his walks. May generations-yet-born relish ‘earth-hood’ as a result of his markings. May Ghana halt because he walked inside it and his presence filled it; “Mr Ghana Baby!”.

He is Wode Maya.

Incase you would like to contact Wode Maya, the ulog will help you contact him in such a way that he tries to contact you in return. Besides, speaking about Wode Maya directly, the message in ulog is the message of a legitimate illiterate to the world at large about the true state of the world as it involves 'African to the world', a movement that Wode Maya has undertaken.

The ulog has also been publish on blockchain for permanence. While the ulog is currently at some 5400 words, it will be grown to 10,000 words gradually and dedicated to Wode Maya and the 'Africa to the world' movement as a publication of revelation, inspiration and celebration for the world is beginning its return away from outerspace and back into the down-to-earth, present mostly in the nooks and crannies of Africa.

This video will be added to the publication in turn, to add context to the ulog, incase some prefers to listen to the narrative and help people grasp the overall context of the message in the ulog better.

Ulogs is a down-to-earth innovation, modeled also from Africa. It has a blockchain-based social media outlet building here: http://ulogs.herokuapp.com/

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Read some more about the projects i am working on here: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/07/18/seeking-your-crowdfunding-support-passionately-where-have-we-reached-with-the-setup-macrohard-philippines/

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