Cryptoulog - How To Never Lose In Cryptocurrency, Even When Bitcoin And Alts Are Red. By A Legitimate Illiterate.

All the markets of cryptocurrency are currently red, with bitcoin leading the way. There is fear it is said during the bear markets and during the bull runs, fomo. Why should these 'boolean' be capable of capturing humans.

Why so much fear and fomo and why is this a popular indices guarding the cryptocurrency markets and why are bulls or bears the standard, in a cryptocurrency world, fill with humans.

Perhaps, that is where all the answers lie. Why are humans said to be in a rat race and why is this holding true?

How about transcending these narratives to see what is on the other side, perhaps, that is where to start, when it comes to never losing money or cryptocurrency when markets move. Why should markets based on 'bulls or bears', TA etc be capable of causing so much collective stir among humans? Do we share an identity? Perhaps we do, but how can that be?

How can one stone struggle to harm a two birds, while half a stone is capable of capturing large populace of humans.

In this cryptoulog, we will discuss these things and as a legitimate illiterate, i will tell you how to never lose in cryptocurrency or money.

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