CryptoUlog Questions: How Do You List Your Ethereum-Based Tokens On Uniswap?

  • How do you get your token listed on uniswap? Does it need advance technical knowhow?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do you need to lock ETH when creating your token?
  • How does one integrate a non-ETH token with uniswap? What are the dynamics to that? Do you just create a pegged version of your token on ETH? Is that what things like 'WBTC' is?
  • How do 'liquidity pools' on Uniswap work?
  • What happens when you use the 'add liquidity function'?
  • Are there positives to using this feature?
  • What does it mean when token owner locks liquidity? Why is it favorable to token buyers when 'liquidity is locked'?
  • What does liquidity mean?

Kindly leave your answers in the comments below!!!

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I dont think it cost anything to "list" on Uniswap, isn't all ERC20-tokens already on Uniswap? I think what you need to do is provide liquidity.

Then again, why even use it when we have HIVE ENGINE?

Good posts, I support your stuff.


Yes bro. Hive engine plus a peg of it on uniswap. Uniswap has volumes and the trend now and even listing a copy of hive there will give it a buzz. Many list on there especially new projects that can't get on the big exchanges yet. So many projects not even on coinmarketcap or coingecko yet that have buzz just listing their token there. What i want to find out is how can someone run a coin, where people can buy it on uniswap, then use on hive if they want to or just trade on uniswap even if they are interested in using its social utility. Do you know if it costs much to create an ecr20 token? I am writing a small paper. When it is ready, i will leave it here to show what i am trying to do.

I don't see how an ERC20 Hive pegged token would work??? Isn't that just a scam??? We have HIVE on HIVE and we have HIVE pegged on HE, where it was utility... a HIVE pegged on ETH ERC20 would be a scam in my view.

Interesting debate tho.

Scam? How so? It is just interoperability. Listing on uniswap as well is to reach people outside on Hive, who use eth. It is being looked at for Hive itself:

Uniswap is more like another exchange, that allows you to swap among tokens directly. It has wrapped btc and others are considering adding there. It has volumes of 250 million usd and it is quite new. Projects also go through that approach for easier listing on big exchanges as exchanges more easily list ecr20 tokens. I don't know how easy it is for instance to list a Hive-engine token for instance on say bittrex, so one may go the path of an ecr20 copy of the token instead, if their target is say a listing on there. Altogether, these things will eventually happen where chains can interoperate. I have started writing what i am trying to do but it is still in draft form but this a video i did earlier. My internet and pc is slow though, i just hope the video turned out manageable:

I know Uniswap, used it with HEX 3-4 months ago.

The thing is a HIVE.swap on Hive Engine is actually interchangable with real HIVE because of HEs service that provide that in a stabile way... if you make a ERC20 token on ETH that is traded on UNISWAP, lets call it hive.uni then it is NOT interchangable with real hive, is it???? Thats the problem and thats why it would be a scam!!! or at-least non sence token!!!


Tribeleader of LASSECASH

Finally someone has started it directly for hive. It will be interchangeable with Hive.



It might be legit with a wrapped Hive, but someone need to check the smart contract and approve it is legit, not easy...

I have my Hive on the Hive account not in an instrument like this.

It might be legit, it might not.

Yes, i understand. Just something i was envisioning.

Why #eth when #hive engine?