Dear Jalasem, How About Setting Up Steemgigs & Ulogs For Hive!

I peer into the streets of my mind's eye and in it i find @jalasem and you would too. Due to my memory lapses, what i see isn't clear but i see @jalasem and he has certainly walked these streets! In very timely times, he decided to walk these particular streets. Once when my battles where intense, once when my mum was in deep struggle, clinging on to life, @jalasem stepped in to help matters. It was rough but he stayed. It is rough; he has stayed.

He doesn't know what he did, the extent of what he was doing; he chose to do it, to bear even my consequences. I am grateful and my 'thank you' is weighty. May this show, may this show!

May he help me code some stuff. May this hassle not be lost. Help me code some more. Just a little code will do!

My near-term aim is to set-up a hub, a Macrohard hub. I need a physical venture that i may depart the digital-space a bit, for healing sake. This is in the near-term making but time flies by. May each day count...

How about some code, to enliven certain sites again, that they may go on to soar this time. Let's re-have them up for test-sake at least, these sites i mean: and but let us have them post to Hive for now.

This is how it is written in my mind's eye:

  • Have Steemgigs post to Hive instead of Steem (login and post function will use Hivesigner, the Hive replica of Steemconnect)
  • Have Ulogs post to Hive instead of Steem (login and post function will use Hivesigner, the Hive replica of Steemconnect)
While both sites are deployed on Herokuapp, i will need to fix the card issue that is preventing me from re-adding 'custom domain(s)'. However, SteemGigs will need it's database restored, which may need to be done on a free database center for now as i don't have funds yet to have it running. For now, our focus is to have the sites up for test purposes mostly, meaning that free outlets will be sufficient.

Finally, your upcoming project, why not document its social activities on Hive, it is the very timely time. Let’s talk about why this is the case soonest, whenever these imaginations meet real.


Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


Don't forget to subscribe to the Ulogs community and post in your Ulogs. I curate Ulogs with a trail and resteem some Ulogs to some 16k followers.

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


Kindly Vote On The 'steemgigs' Witness On Hive. 

Contact Me:

  • Email:
  • Telegram: @surpassinggoogle
  • Discord: surpassinggoogle#1660

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