How Does A Newbie Determine If To Buy A Digital Currency - A KIN Case-Study

Here is a ulog of me and @adesojisouljay, discussing how one can look for digital currencies to buy and hodl using mostly coinmarketcap as a deciding factor. In this ulog, we take a look at a project called kin, which has a token called KIN, an underlying Kin blockchain and a bunch of Kin apps.

KIN grew popular by virtue of its association with the Kik social platform. However, upon taking a closer look at the project, they now have their blockchain modeled in such a way to encourage the development of apps. Currently, there are ten or more apps built on the Kin blockchain, with some apps having more activity than Kik even. They also have a reward system that pays KIN to programmers based on the level of activity that their app generates.

The essence of this video is to gain general insight into what people look at when deciding what digital currency is worthy of an investment. We also looked to highlight other potential use-cases of digital currency by virtue of their underlying technology, besides 'just trades'

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Thanks for this update, I am now in the know of KIN coin. I will also do my personal research and analysis. Jah bless!