Is Forsage A Scam? Will I Invest In Forsage? Here Is A Superficial Insight!!! (Part One)

In this ulog, i provided an analytic overview of a project called 'forsage', a networking market ETH-based smart contract that pays ETH directly. This video is the first of a series.

If you are already familiar with digital currencies e.g Ethereum (ETH) and you already have an Ethereum wallet on your phone by means of a 'trust wallet' app or on your PC by virtue of a metamask extension (on chrome or mozilla browser), then go ahead and use my referral link to join forsage here!!!

You need the above referral link to join as a first-timer and some 15-USD worth of Ethereum (i.e 0.05 ETH plus gas) at least in your metamask or trust wallet. Click on the 'register' button upon getting on the forsage site via my link. After you have registered, you can login to your dashboard to find your referral link, which you will actively promote to continue the motion.

Listen to the video above as this is a general overview of the forsage project and i tackled the term 'investment' in another context than what is popular.

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Stay tuned for part-2 of this topic, upon which i will be looking into the economy of forsage in a bid to create an in-depth tutoria. Part-2 will be published onto '
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