Why Don't Cryptocurrency Traders Analyze HIVE As A Top Altcoin? Value Proposition Of HIVE.

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Within my ulog video above, i discussed the value proposition Hive has as a blockchain. Here are some of the points covered:

  • Hive is months old with 4 years of history
  • Hive has some 100k holders.
  • Hive has a social community
  • There is a loyalty factor.
  • Hive has a scarcity model. APR for holding, for content-creation
  • Hive can grow to become mainstream organically, by serving the search engines and its community feature.
  • On Hive, it is cheap to run a social server or Hive node.
  • Hive has a revolutionary road map.
  • Hive has an internal DEX
  • On Hive, You can create a dapp easily on it, without knowhow
  • Hive has Security
  • Hive has community developers and contributions
  • Hive has a DAO or Hive proposal fund
  • Hive allows participation from Hive stake holders in governance, with a proxy if you don't have enough stake.
  • Hive has LAYERS, that makes for a seamless social experience for users.
  • Hive is an application-specific blockchain and the only one built for social media.
  • Hive offers token creation currently as a side chain and smart media tokens in the near future on its own chain
  • You can run smart contracts on Hive too.
  • etc.

I have noticed that among the many cryptocurrency YouTube analysts that i watch, hardly does any talk about HIVE as a coin to invest it. Not much is highlighted in general of the in-depth beauty of HIVE. I tried to build on the beauty of Hive within my ulog.

I will like to create more ulog discussions like this, discussing topics and any topic in the mind’s eye of a legitimate illiterate and for that i rented a hub for a few months called ‘Macrohard‘but i haven't set it up for use.

This hub among other things, will help me in my journey to recovering in my health and will help me begin to take care of my dad who is ill, better.

To read more about Macrohard: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/07/18/seeking-your-crowdfunding-support-passionately-where-have-we-reached-with-the-setup-macrohard-philippines/

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