Ulog - Contacting Wode Maya (Part 2)

Why do you beef it profusely, when it is said that ‘certain men are kings’? Perhaps, you aren’t testimonies to ‘the king’ in men?

Will you doubt the possible existence of ‘king’ in others, if you knew of the existence of that possibility by virtue of the ‘king’ in you?

They exhaust the routes without outlets, do you? They are evolved in a variety of deep aspects, are you? They are challenged by ‘impossibilities’, are you? They are ‘beautifully disruptive’ (i.e non-beefsters), are you?

Who are you really? If you are to ‘do you’ today, who is that ‘you’, that shall do?

What is ‘king’ to you? “Adornment, accolades, entourage” or “substance, proven, deeply-rooted”?

What exactly is ‘king’ to you? “x + y; 911; outer-space” or “coconut + corn; IQ; down-to-earth”?

Can English really define “king” or is “king” African?

‘They CEO themselves’; they participate in the “stories and histories”; they influence the nations with their ‘shine’; can you?

Their ‘kingship’ is constant, constant whether ‘bulls or bears’; they transcend barriers, nations, cultures; is this your case too?

How much ‘king’ is in you, if you use every ‘comfort-tool’ and can you enter ‘dark rooms’ to grasp its there-ins; can you do ‘time’? Why beef ‘the kings’ then, if they undertake the routes of ‘revelation’ in a bid to write out the ‘no-books’Why beef Africans then?

Now, Wode Maya has decided to undertake these routes of ‘revelation’; why beef him then?

“Africa is a dump”, they will then rush on to say, then go on to wonder ‘where Africans manage to get their swag from’Hahaha, ‘from that mud, from their stamped-feet and connection to the ground’. Their ‘stubborn genes’ didn’t just erupt, there was ‘grind’ involved! Their very ‘substance’ has ended up ‘deeply-rooted’, their ‘spirituality and invincibility’ too and ‘baths’ can’t wash these types of ‘human virtues’ off.

Un-ironically, ‘the world’ is still very novice to the ‘true state of the world’There hasn’t been much ‘mining’ done of today’s world. There has been more ‘mining’ spent painting it instead.

Alas, “paint” doesn’t exactly mean “clean”.

We haven’t taken the ‘dirt’ routes enough. It has been about ‘outer-space’ instead; the ironical ‘comfort zone’. Hahaha, ‘like drinking those ‘cheap gin(s)’ and calling it ‘enjoyment’, when you can ‘champ the pain’ some extra and drink ‘champagne’ all the same’.

As a result, there has come to be so much amiss in the world today even in terms of “knowledge”. Deficient we have been in the ‘art of dig-dig-dig’, that much of the ‘knowledge’ derivable from ‘the down-to-earth’ has stayed particularly un-revealed.

‘Partial’ thus, is the ‘knowledge’ by which we have evolved. We can’t seem to find our place in the ‘painted world’, for untold is ‘the intel’ usable in blurring out the ‘paint’?

Even ‘our very human’, we haven’t ‘mined’ enough. We turn out ‘half-humans’ as a result!

Note: ‘Mining the human’ isn’t a very clean art.

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Ask Wode Maya how much he has ‘evolved’ as he traverses across ’55 African countries’ in his ‘Leggedes Benz’.

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More than you may know; the paradigms in the world is shifting away from ‘outer-space’ and returning ‘down-to-earth’. There is a ‘CAP‘ and it is being reached; ‘Blockchain > AI > Human robots > Human clones’, then what?

Soon, the very world will begin to flock into ‘the Maputo(s) of Africa’. Not even knowing what they are there for, they will have been there to seek ‘greatness’.

“What is in Africa is greatness”. @surpassinggoogle

Yes, it isn’t “skyscrapers” that is in Africa. It isn’t ‘outer-space’ either. It is the ‘down-to-earth’. It is ‘greatness’.

Alas, a ‘painted world’, that which has been so overly-hyped and that we live in today, isn’t that sustainable. Where that particular world is headed is scary. Africans need to play their role in world-adjustment!

“The world is still very novice to the true state of the world.” @surpassinggoogle

“Police brutality, racism, poverty”? The issues with the world are ‘deeper things’, ‘subtler things’ and the very systems, don’t know it!

The nations summit after summit and turn to ‘outer-space’, when ‘the answers’ are in ‘the down-to-earth’, find-able in ‘revelations’ that will stem from the nooks and crannies of Africa, reveal-able only by its people, whenever they eventually leave the ‘rat-race’, to undertake the ‘human-race’.

For ‘revelation-sake, ‘the world needs Africa’ and even a ‘legitimate illiterate’ can see it.

As reiterated earlier, the paradigm of ‘complexity after complexity’ that permeates today’s world is not sustainable forever, for a ‘painted world’ is ‘an unreal world’ and in a real world, everything has a CAP.

The world will eventually grow tired of “outer-space” and seek a return ‘down-to-earth”. Alas, this is already happening!

Trying to tap into every resource, they will not be able to tap into ‘greatness’. They will seek it though and for that, they will flock into Africa.

Africans have a big role thus and the likes of Wode Maya will need to grasp out ‘what’s truly is in Africa’ and undertake the role of revealing these things, that the world can begin to ‘fix the growing rarity in its ‘great men’ industry’.

There is a ‘May Weather’ and there is a ‘Mohammed Ali‘, both are boxers but one has chopped trees. Yes, one has gone into conscious isolation and gone into dark rooms.

“Oh, it is too dark; it has got to be white.” Have you tapped into your ‘grey’ yet?

How is your spirit-side? Can you reach it? Can you do that particular breed of grind?

Did you know that there is ‘rare intel’ innate to you, locate-able and reveal-able only by you yet tangible for the collective evolution of the world? Have you dug into these intense aspects of you in a bid to attain this particular ‘rare intel’ and reveal it to the world? Can these things be written in today’s ‘books’ except by you?

Wode Maya stems from the location of Ghana. He is not a ‘coconut head’. He simply desires taking ‘Africa to the world’. He knows ‘Banku’ too!

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‘You with white shirts’, what can you handle?’

‘You in outer-space’, can you take on the jungle for one day? Do you know of a ‘ceiling fan’ that whines out your name? Yes, in all your cleanliness, can you have managed to know of ‘potholes with roads’?

And well, if you are so indubitably conclusive that ‘they are shitty’, dig-dig-dig of yourself, find testimonial use for ‘good’ in the face of the ‘not-so-good’ and of that so-called ‘nonsense‘ dig-dig-dig to find ‘sense‘ therein.

Be diggist! Tap into that dirt; do the discomfort, champ the pain.

Exert your human virtues, explore your human senses in newer ways; away from that ‘static systemic for-bot boolean’ proceed, away from that ‘911-call for every mosquito bite’ proceed.

Not any longer should you be capable of picking a hammer up to trample upon your home because two mosquitoes bit you while mating and you wanted to grind them up.

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“He was made in Jehovah’s image.”; a hefty message.

Yes, i am a ‘legitimate illiterate’ but i can envision your story; i can live it through your schools, through your media, through your books; can you envision mine?

I can wear your white shirts, can you wear mine? You can code ‘Microsoft’ on that jingling comfort chair; can you code ‘Macrohard‘ on top of jungle thorns?

“No, don’t touch me; it’s called personal space”. Hahaha, aren’t you a creature in our shared earth? What property is exactly truly yours? Can’t you mingle with the mountains though and have the seas touch your feet? Aren’t you in my earth and am i not in yours?

Wode Maya has seen the world yet he has kept his human. Celebratory!

You think they flip-flopped ‘swag’ into our entity; that they opened our very elements and dent ‘swag’ into it? Oh, you think ‘swag’ is an act; ‘tattoos, bling(s) and all’?

Do you think a ‘Burna Boy’ has Fela’s swag then? ‘Swag’ has breeds???

Have you heard of the ‘parent-child rod-investment’ yet? Have you been stroked in advance? “Hey, Terry let me invest 10 strokes on your back, you haven’t been irresponsible today but you are likely to be, in two days.”

No, we didn’t call the cops! Wode Maya didn’t either.

‘Swag’ when it is ‘swag’, should affect every detail, every touch, every nuance.

You think ‘Egusi’ is joke? That when it touches your tongue, your spirit emotes; that you are told of ‘stories and histories’ and ‘grind’?

Or it isn’t ‘swag’; that a woman can sit on that ‘city-center chair’ and man an entire market-square, then take the entire money to her man, so that he allocates it back to her?

“Oh, she is in the kitchen”; you suddenly know what she orchestrates from that kitchen?

What exactly do you know about ‘swag’? You even think it is contextually ‘an English word’ or tied it is by ‘the limits of your English’?

Do you know what ‘Yoruba’ or ‘Twi’ is and how much swag, spirit and human it possesses?

Or the so-called ‘ungentlemanly’ broken-English, would you know how much “swag” it captures?

Do you think ‘swag’ is that, that everyone can share? Is ‘swag’, “WTF, FO, MF” that ‘everyone’ shares in saying?

Where is your own particular swag then?

Do you know of ‘respect’ that is age-bound? Can words from ‘an elder’ stop ‘wars’ in the worlds that you know?

You think ‘swag’ is money? Do you know of ‘trade by barter’ and of how much human-capital (e.g “swag”) went into ‘a barter-deal that exchanged a Ferrari for yam’?

Do you of a janitor that isn’t a ‘janitor’ janitor; that came in as ‘a janitor’, then buys the company?

Can you bath in black soap, drown your teeth in charcoal, break two coconuts on your head, then go on out into the ‘painted world’ that celebrates ‘batman’ more than ‘man’, to say “Africa to the world”?

Now, if Wode Maya doesn’t have swag, what is swag exactly?

Forget “popped collars”! Give me a ‘Wode Maya’ that will grind on my behalf, whether ‘shoes or flip-flops’; swag!!!!

If you decide to take a slight turn, here is a worthy dis-distraction.

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Would you know about food then? Is it about that ‘glamour-look’ and ‘selfie-soups’ all over again or do want ‘depth’ and ‘substance’ instead? Is it about soft-pork and comfort-broth because “my teeth can’t chew” or “may my poop turn cool”?

Have you allowed yourself to taste some ‘foodstagram-worthless food’ or is it suddenly “bitter”; ‘too foreign for the soul to bear’ as the world has declared that ‘delicious must be sweet’?

How much of your ‘5 senses’ do you really know? How much evolutionary room does your very tongue have; how much have you allowed it to have? How connected is your ‘sense of taste’ to your deep aspects, for instance? How much ‘divinity’ are you told/re-told of ‘each meal’ or are ‘meals’ only about ‘fixing reflexes’ for you?

Even you ‘who has made ‘rice’ your calling’, you who just wants to eat and only superficially merry, how much you have done of ‘that rice’? Have you cooked it into ‘Ghana-Jollof’ or ‘Senegalese-Jollof’? Have you figured out new ways to rice that stomach? Do you know where the Maya tongue has entered?

And ‘starvation’, do you know its taste? Would you know ‘its use’ then, ‘taste’ aside?

You of ‘giant lettuced burgers’, you who is ‘too literate’, who knows all the ‘combos’ (x + y); would you know of the ‘pear + corn’ combo, the ‘coconut + corn’, the ‘groundnut + popcorn’?

If your ‘x + y = z’, would you know that ‘moi + moi = moi moi’?

What exactly is ‘gravy’, that you can so confidently say, “that that they eat is grave”?

Have you allowed your tongue to deep into bottom of that calabash?

You wash plates? ‘I eat and the plates are washed’. Hahaha, and don’t you say that ‘i am impoverished and hungry’Alas, in our world ‘starvation is delicious’ and for ‘world-adjusting’ reason too. In certain worlds, there is more use for the dining-table than ‘satisfying the next hunger-impulse’, that we just may shove the food aside to try ‘starvation’ instead.

How much ‘story and history’, how much spirit, how much swag, do you think was put into one morsel of Banku? ‘Swallow it through and you shall know’!

Try ‘starvation’ too. It has taste. @surpassinggoogle

Follow the trail of Wode Maya’s tongue!

Ghanaian food > Nigerian food > liberian food > Ugandan food > Gambia food > Zambian food > Sierra leonean food > Togolese food > Kenyan food

“Humanity is the brother next to you.” @surpassinggoogle

“There is ‘African’ and there is ‘confirm African’.” @surpassinggoogle

‘African’ is not a ‘skin color’ either. It is spiritual things! Well, to see these things, you will have had to ‘shed some of the nations’. By this means, you will see many more things.

“Many times, it is not about looking, it is about how much you can see.” @surpassinggoogle

“When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary.” @surpassinggoogle

Beyond things like ‘descendantry’, if you are ‘African’, you will know it. Its ‘human’ is intact, its spirit is touched, its genes are stubborn.

Wode Maya can see!

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Proceeds from these ’15 USD T-shirts’ will kick-start a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’, for ‘brother programmers’.

You have got to have yanshed that chair, Mr Chairman.” If you don’t know what ‘Yansh’ is, ask Maya!

“Rehearse your signatures, for tomorrow you will sign autographs.” @surpassinggoogle

Within the course of seeking that ‘ever-missing piece of our puzzle’, we don’t ‘CEO ourselves‘ enough. We don’t ‘mine our human’ enough. We do not dig-dig-dig.

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Proceeds from these ’15 USD T-shirts’ will kick-start a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’, for ‘brother programmers’.

Without deeply-rooted conviction in ‘value of our human’, we doubt the ‘value in fellow humans’. Hence, we don’t celebrate humans enough!

As a result, we distribute value to every other thing than ‘humans’. It is time to ‘return value to humans‘.

If we have established that the Math-English equation, True celebrity-hood = True fan-hood = O (where ‘O’ signifies ‘loop’) is true and we can begin to celebrate humans, ‘many things’ suddenly-instantly lose their complexity.

Wode Maya is reachable. He has stayed in touch with humans. He celebrate humans.

Upon Gambia, he met with ‘Bla xit‘ and partied with her in her endeavors to #blaxit. Then, he went on to hug ‘Eat Love Migrate‘ inspiring her to build huts. He went to Kenya to be with ‘Trudy‘ and on to Dakar to be with ‘Mahdi‘. He joined ‘Dynast Amir‘ in his ‘search for uhuru‘ and he became a lion for ‘African Tigress‘. He laughed with ‘Nappie Briggs‘ and played with ‘Jeena of the Afrikan Superstar‘. He ate with ‘Virtue Grace‘ and walked the beaches with the ‘Native Borne family‘.

If they recall the times when Wode Maya celebrated them and they decide to celebrate others as well, they may constitute viable avenues by which you can reach Wode Maya too.

Proceeds from these ’15 USD T-shirts’ will kick-start a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’, for ‘brother programmers’.

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Senegalize your route to Maya. ‘Try Mahdi’!

It is easy! Go to an ‘Africa to the world’ summit and yell the words, “Africa is for Africans”.

Alas, you may come across Akoin city when you are there. No worries, it is Akon’s.

Contact ‘RJ Mahdi‘. He is a king and he is reachable. Dakar knows him. Mama Africa does too.

Yes, it’s right up there but how much do you see?

Many times it is about how many things you can see, moreso than how much “looking” you can do.

With regards to finding your place in today’s world, you will need to become capable of “seeing many things”.

Humans are lost today, found in a ‘painted world’ modeled around ‘outer-space’; in a marketplace where ‘humans’ constitute ‘clients’.

Alas, in the midst of an un-earthly world, ‘cats’ can come in to fill the gap; ‘pugs’ too! ‘Bots, cats, superman etc’ all garner more appeal today than ‘humans’.

Suddenly, the world tells us, “tomorrow will be better”, while ‘cats, pugs, goats’ already live a world that understands, “there are dates now.”

Mr Rooster just inherited millions from its Papa Rooster.

Of course, Mr Tiger King will arm himself to kill humans and protect the tigers, then become ‘celebrity’ for it.

“Tiger King”, another buzz-word, the trigger, a Netflix; and boom another ‘seller’. ‘Humans’ (clients) pay up to buy deep into another ‘catty-narrative’ and suddenly the world wants to ‘save the cats’ all over again, further removing value from humans.

A ‘George Floyd’? They prefer to record that proceeding from the corner.

An ‘Ahmed Aubrey’? They preferred to hunt him with guns and record it.

For the ‘painted world’ world prefers ‘virtual babies’ instead.

We live in world where humans relegate in their value, generation after generation. This is not a coincidence, neither is it any longer too ironical that as the world is said to advance ‘by their standards’, humans continue to decline in their value.

One can quickly say ‘return value to humans‘, which is a very viable solution but aren’t there entire ‘nations’ in place to disrupt ‘humanity’ (humans & unity), keeping them in disparity?

Hahaha, Wode Maya, just stick to ‘Azonto’ for now.

You will need to have acknowledged that ‘Nigerian-Jollof is better than Ghanaian-Jollof’, for your ‘Zanku’ to come out ‘on point’.

You know; ‘Zanku’ didn’t just start! It must have erupted after some ‘Ghanaian children’ realized that the party had ‘Naija-Jollof’.

“Shaku-Shaku” likely happened when the ‘Ghanian party’ forgot to add ‘Naija-Jollof’ to their menu and had to call ‘Nigeria’.

“Galala” occurred after Daddy Showkey expected ‘only gala’ and got ‘Nigeria-Jollof’ instead; ‘lalala’.

Wode Maya; gbe bodi e!

It is not “a year of hugs”. It doesn’t have to be!

May he hug our women. Its a ‘Maya hug’; let the spirits talk. May our very women Wode-walk. “Mama Africa”, may Wode Maya hug our women. May we not be cold and socially-distant. It is foreign.

Don’t tell Wode Maya that ‘he is your man’, if you can’t dig-dig-dig of his ‘text’ and remove its code to find him. Don’t tell him that you love humans or that you want to philanthropicalize entire nations, when you can’t ransack his ‘dirt papers’, to love him in them.

“May social-distancing not too-linger post-corona. The world is too-ever-distant already.” @surpassinggoogle

He wasn’t hidden after all. Look, that ‘yellow, yellow’! Do you see that guy in the Yoruba-looking caftan? That the very person of ‘Wode Maya’.

Aiya Maya!

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