Ulog: List Of Things Connected To My Hive Near-term Plans.

In this short ulog, i will enlist some of the things i plan to do in the nearest term as i prepare for the setup of the Macrohard physical hub (which is my utmost near-term plan).

It is very established that due to all my past workaholism and the inherent health issues, i must set up a physical venture. I need to gradually leave the digital world, to reset my brain and its inner-workings.

Among other things, this is something i have learned in my journey with 'surpassinggoogle'; that to really be effective with one's online ventures, there is a to be an associated physical venture.

  • Let ulogs.org post to Hive.
  • Let steemgigs.org post to Hive
  • See if marlians.com can be integrated with Hive
  • Publish one small book, related to 'legitimate illiteracy'.
  • Write a projection model for the Macrohard physical hub, covering how it will go from an empty space to a successful venture.
  • Complete a ulog about 'contact Mark Cuban' and deliver it to him
  • Publish the publication ' Internet’s Most Potent One-Pager' and continue to edit it.

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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I see the Marlians coin dropping and dropping, and keep spending my little liquid steem earning more.

I am almost at 100,000 coins.

This project still has support, thank you for posting to let me know there is still someone working on it.

Yes, they will be revived. I am just trying how small i can with the ulogs community. You have been an MOD on it since it started. I just realized that i need that physical space cos that is the only way i can have some breather to recover while able to create a small revenue to sustain my household. Also the projects will come to life cos i will look for programmers several of them in physical proximity. I am getting closer already to renting a hub. the major issue now is my rent contract is over and i havent paid rent for 3 months and looking for a new house and besides paying my current house what i owe, starting a new contract in a new place is expensive at the outset but i have to be stubborn currently and somehow find a way to settle the house issues without hampering the possibility for the hub. We are approaching 3 months of lockdown and that affects matters. So for now, i am focusing on growing this small community. Then, will see how it can work to have the projects work with hive. I will need to find out about marlians cos i doubt it is free to move it. but slowly.

Please help me grow this area at least. The marlians stake isnt about now. It will be part of the teardrops project when it starts. Health is really affecting me and i just have to recover, else i can never really push this things. I dont stop and i try and try but it never turns out effective. I need to get that health back and the physical hub will help. With it, i will see people too. Currently, i rarely step out or hangout. Alot of beautiful things will happen for these projects stemming from the hub. But at this stage, i have to be stubborn and go for 6 months of rent straight and not less, so i can work in these 6 months without anxieties. That will be more effective.

If you can invite potential uloggers here, that will help. I have small trail of votes but it isn't much considering that the numbers here are gradually increasing. Thank you alot for not forgetting me and for this comment. I see you may have been resting for a period. My near term aim is just that. To setup that hub, then things will come to live again.

I also have this but can't manage it but i am trying to enliven gradually

Thank you for Ulogging. Among other things, it helps you consciously tap into this shine, that the world can find more lights.

There is a discord too: https://discord.gg/ub7NV3k