Ulog - Would You Buy Digital Currencies With Negative ROI? I Would!

I have bought many digital currencies and not for ROI. I have bought many for many other reasons. 'Money is the smaller things' in my world. One other thing that digital-currency highlights, if you have looked at digital-currency intently is 'money is the smaller things'.

On steemit, i witnessed STEEM reach 8-USD and i didn't sell. Much of my STEEM was powered-up and i didn't attempted to power-down

You can say that I didn't earn but i learned and according to me, even testimonially, 'learning is the ultimate earning. On Steem, i ended up formulating my major innovations, better capable of developing their model(s). Via Steem and by virtue of its bare state, i gained clearer insight into the true state of the world.

So at times, till date, i would buy some digital currencies for the sake of 'learning'. Recently, i bought some Nimiq to gain insight into its systems. Once, i bought up to 14 different steem-based digital-currencies in order to learn about their token-economy as i continue to formulate the token-economy behind my major innovation in 'digital-currency' called 'TEARDROPS'.

As mentioned above, i buy digital currencies for many other reasons too, even where i know that in 'direct finance', i may not have ROI. For instance, i may buy a digital-currency for the sole sake of inspiring the person behind the project.

Every touch of mine even down to my simplest 'response to stimuli' contains many paradigms, each mine and one of these paradigms is the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigms.

You will notice these paradigms in each of my innovations too. You will notice these paradigms in 'TEARDROPS', the digital currency i created.

Surpassinggoogle - Removing all barriers to entry from 'everything good', that 'everything good' can become available to 'every(any)one'.

In interacting with these different digital-currencies that i purchase, i am able to learn how to better formulate 'TEARDROPS', by getting direct insight into the paradigms constantly at play in the world, by virtue of the various paradigms in existence in these different digital-currency innovations.

I can peer into the 'barriers' too, those that they tackle, those that they inadvertently create and those that don't even exist (but are thought to exist by virtue of our 'painted world') which they tackle. Then i can better formulate the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm.

For instance, by virtue of the 'painted world', it is popular knowledge that 'a major issue with the world is poverty', when indeed it isn't. Many digital currencies seeing 'poverty' as a 'barrier' thus, innovated 'digital-currencies' as 'reward-distributors' to remove the barrier 'poverty'. However, is 'poverty' the real issue? Is it a 'painted issue'? Is any human created in Jehovah's image, truly capable of exhibiting poverty?

Now, speaking of 'reward-distribution', can this be a revolutionary use-case for 'digital-currency', if 'rewards' refers to 'money'? Can we expand on the span for 'rewards' further away from 'just money', using 'digital currencies'?

There is a lot to learn from our 'interactions with digital-currencies, where we buy digital currencies for many other reasons than just ROI. Speaking of 'returns' and 'investment', perhaps, we haven't 'lost' afterall, where 'returns' and 'investment' refer to other things than 'just money'.

Money is the smaller things. @surpassinggoogle
In a world filled with full-blown humans, money is the smaller things. @surpassinggoogle
TEARDROPS should succeed whether bulls or bears because humans are involved. @surpassinggoogle

Your Boy Terry


I will like to create more ulog discussions like this, discussing these topics and any topic in the mind’s eye of a legitimate illiterate and for that i have a hub now, called ‘Macrohard‘.

This hub among other things, will help me in my journey to recovering in my health and will help me begin to take care of my dad who is ill, better.

As importantly, i can begin to reveal more effectively, some additional knowledge derived from the curriculum of legitimate illiteracy, tangible for the collective evolution of the world, for ”surpassinggoogle it is’.

To read more about Macrohard: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/07/18/seeking-your-crowdfunding-support-passionately-where-have-we-reached-with-the-setup-macrohard-philippines/

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Sure! I vividly remember you on Steemit and the altruistic conduct you exhibited
Very commendable
Believing and standing firm to beliefs on some blockchain projects is pertinent for long term survival

I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Good to see you and you look great and healthy compared before, you gain your health back. Hope everything will be ok with you and your dad.

BEER is a really good example of a token that has a function beyond just being money! If you like someone's post, you can "give them a beer", and the tokens show up in their HIVE Engine account. Pretty nifty.

I currently don't have any BEERS to share, but I'll be picking up a barrel soon to spread rewards and cheer in the wake of my return to the blockchain :D

It's good to see you're still around! I'd love to chat with you and catch up. Get at me on Discord!