Understanding Digital Currencies Is A Difficult As 1, 2, 3. Part 1 (Introduction)

The concept of digital currencies is ‘as difficult as 1, 2, 3’. Understanding it and there is a lot to learn from it about money and wealth-creation in general.

In the short ulog video below, i attempt to teach the basics about digital currencies. The general notion is that most of the digital currencies only exist to be traded. Unpopular is the fact that behind many of the digital currencies, directly or indirectly, there is an underlying blockchain technology, whereupon these digital currencies have additional utilities. I tried to share my screen, using coinmarketcap to look deeper into a few digital currencies. This is an introductory video, so we only touched the surface in a bid to expand on the topic in later videos. I intend to continue a series of such tutorials more effective, when i have started out in the Macrocard hub.

I will like to create more life-lessons tutorials like this, teaching these topics and any topic in the mind’s eye of a legitimate illiterate and for that i have a hub now, called ‘Macrohard‘.

This hub among other things, will help me in my journey to recovering in my health and will help me begin to take care of my dad who is ill, better.

As importantly, i can begin to reveal more effectively, some additional knowledge derived from the curriculum of legitimate illiteracy, tangible for the collective evolution of the world, for ”surpassinggoogle it is’.

To read more about Macrohard: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/07/18/seeking-your-crowdfunding-support-passionately-where-have-we-reached-with-the-setup-macrohard-philippines/

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