#viewfrommywindow - A Cut Tree, Several Active Trees, One Bicycle And Many Parked Cars.

I am not good with photography. Altogether, I would have taken photos for this #viewfrommywindow contest right from my window but I ended up covering more range. I had to step just outside my house to record some ulogs as I didn’t have sufficient lighting in my house, after which I took some photos. What triggered the motion is the trimmed tree you see just below. It looked quite fanciful as I wondered how the cutter may have intended to cut the tree but ended up cutting the tree into a tree. I took that photo than took photos of the range leading back to my house, just steps away.

The streets are quite empty these days. I managed to catch one bicycle. You can call that a delivery bicycle. Certain stores near my house have delivery bicycles; some activities afterall.

Kids stay within their compound to play. Trees maintained their regular activities. Many parked cars.

Your boy Terry









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