Ulog #1: A Certified Ulogger Returns

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First off, I am excited about the comeback of #Ulog. I really missed this community and post category. With #Ulogs, I always have what to post because it is all about "Me" and "You." I was a certified ulogger and hope that still counts, @Surpassinggoogle. Time to find my Ulogger footer. Thank you @Surpassinggoogle for reviving this community and I promise to be active and onboard new Uloggers right away!!

Just a little about me for those who don't know me...

My name is Ndianabasi Tom.

I am a Nigerian and a Marlian!!! I love to write. I love to sing. I believe in love and unity because these two fosters growth and development. I choose to be happy always because happiness is cheap and I hold the key to my happiness. I believe that the future will be brighter and better than today is so far, you work hard and stay consistent.

I know challenges will always surface from time to time but we should not let it weigh us down. I learn from @surpassinggoogle, he had some challenges way back that reduced the movement of #Ulog but I'm encouraged that he found his way back. You have my support man!!

About the photo, it is the first photo I took after the lockdown a d stay at home initiative was relaxed in Nigeria. Looking at it, I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that I look fatter, healthier and chubby. I love it though. During the lockdown, all I did was eat, sleep and blog. Thank God I can now go outside atleast.

I just want everyone to know that #Ulogs is back again. The hive platform will be Ulog-filled! Remember, it is all about "YOU" so, continue to be YOU!!

I am a certified Ulogger!!

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Nice to know you ulogers from nigeria

I am grateful.

Thank you for Ulogging. Among other things, it helps you consciously tap into this shine, that the world can find more lights.

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You are doing great

  ·  3 days ago (edited)

Fine man
Continue to glow and grow
Much love💞💞😘😂

I'm blushing ☺️☺️

Hhhahh, blush small small o
Lol. You are a fine man, God created you well.
Much love💟💟