Ulog #2: I am always grateful

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Hello Uloggers!!


Oftentimes, we dwell more and see the things we don't have such that we fail to appreciate and value what we have been given freely by God.

Focusing on what we do not would only make us feel unhappy and frustrated. Instead of feeling frustrated, we should always be thankful for those things we have.

When we are grateful and thankful for what we have, we will definitely have more. This is why I am always grateful to God.

When we get on the streets, we see different classes of people, people with different kind of problems and needs. As I move around, I see reasons to be grateful for.

Being grateful and appreciative always makes me feel happy and it opens doors for me.

Are you a grateful type? Or you feel you don't have enough? There are many wishing to be like you, there are many wishing to have what you have.

So, always be grateful!

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Yes of course, we must be grateful of everything it maybe small or big thing. The big thing we must be grateful of is waking up everyday.

Yeah. Sleeping and waking up is a big thing to be grateful for

keep mining your human, a grateful heart attracts more blessing.

Thanks for posting on the Ulog community, Ulog enhances real human growth and evolution.

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Thanks for the invite to the community! I'll keep ulogging