Today, @Writeandearn approaches 100k Staked MARLIANS - Soon to unveil Curation Calendar

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We have successfully reached the 99,397 MARLIANS stake mark and just a few hundreds thousands f tokens left to reach our 100k milestone which will mark the beginning of more serious curation activities around the #writeandearn tag and subsequent community which would be created.

@Writeandearn is still holding up her vision of getting blockchain based quality Contents to more readers off the chain with a view to onboarding them. When quality blockchain based contents are read I reading clubs, libraries, then others who are not yet here would seek to also create such contents here.

St Louis m blockchain is out pilot platform and source of these blockchain based contents. This would be our tiny effort given into making blockchain contents known and we'll sought for by the relevant consumers.

The dip in the prices of Steem in recent months past stalled the project but lo, the emergence of the tribes brought great hope for the Writeandearn Foundation. We choosed the MARLIANS tribe and decided to acquire more of the tokens for the future.

Moreover, our affiliations with @steemchurch also makes us interested with the HEARTs tokens built on the Telos blockchain. With these two, we are anticipating a great future where good contents would be rewarded with these tokens.

Proof of staking over 800 MARLIANS

Above is a proof of a stake of over 800 MARLIANS to add to the already staked tokens. This accumulates out total MARLIANS stake to quite close to 100k.

This huge stake means a lot for our Curation plan activities, the calendar of which will soon be published. We are excited that we will begin to support our choice communities with huge MARLIANS upvotes. @ulogs and @steemchurch will be primary in addition to daily writing prompts.

We are hopeful that when the Curation ensues, we will have more sponsors to further spice our engagement-building intentions.

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