The Man Cave Community is out and ready!

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Hey guys! And here you thought this was a load of wind and zero action. I know, I know, it's the way of the world. Not us though. We're here to stay and will be enriching this account with sp as much as we can. And, with the more Brocoin that is bought we will be taking that and spending it on a healthy backing for our coinage. Slow but steady!

Coincidentally -- you can buy our coin here, woohooo!

What to look out for right now? How can you utilize us best?

For now as we set up and build the bro-cave (our awesome manly discord server) which coincidentally can be found by clicking here, you can use the neoxian tag for some nice delegated rewards. Yes, I switched over a delegated 100,000 neoxag and I'm considering sending over more.

Of course we aren't going to just upvote any old shitpost, but there will have to be some sort of effort in there. 1 picture and 1 line just won't cut it I'm afraid. We try hard in the man cave.

What sort of content do we want?

Manly stuff. The likes of which we're not used to. Let's see you take pride in your cave by posting us pictures and descriptions of your awesome manly hideout, or the HUGE Cuban cigar you're smoking right now, or hell, even those really cool cuff links for your shirt. Write a story about how awesome your dad was, or your brother, or your son. Give us a picture of your lives, enrich us with pictures and stories of men being awesome together. Men teaching, men creating, men sharing the love.

What sort of content we're not looking for

Don't know about you but I'm sort of sick to the back teeth of being told how I should be and act from women that have barely got their own shit together. Any feministing will be nuked from this community, and we'll also be encouraging our members to do the same.

Women are welcome though, just no coming here and telling us how terrible we are because we do enough of that ourselves.

We have a growing social media following!

And you know what? I haven't even let those guys into the secret yet of what we're building. Those guys are happy just to be part of our facebook page. Just wait until I announce this stuff on there, right? I won't be opening it up until everything's ready though, so whilst we build let's have a little fun together, huh?

More coming soon.

Like this initiative?

We're always looking for willing participants, feel free to join our discord and have a word with the Master Bro's, and see what we come up with :)

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Let’s see some caves

Me too!

I love manly stuff like Tim Allen.

The future belongs to men. Bro on, bro!

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