[ENG-ESP] Desafío de dibujo diario: Día 18 - V [Misterioso] |🎭| Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 18 - V [Mysterious] ✏️

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¡Hola Hivers❤️!

Quiero compartirles mi participación del día de hoy en el desafío de dibujo propuesto por @maxwellmarcusart y @firefly2020. Cada día hay un tema diferente y el día de hoy corresponde "misterioso".

Al pensar en algo misterioso, lo primero que se me vino a la mente fueron los fantasmas, pero pensando un poco más se me vino a la mente Anonymous,¿sabían que este tipo de máscara se llama en realidad "máscara de Guy Fawkes?"

La máscara de Guy Fawkes fue utilizada en la película "V de Vendetta" y ha servido para representar multitud de protestas, entre las que destaca las llevadas a cabo por el grupo Anonymous.

Considero que representa muy bien el misterio, puesto que quien se esconde tras esa máscara quiere evitar ser visto y de cierta forma, es un símbolo de rebelión. Tome mi inspiración para el dibujo guiándome en primer lugar del diseño de la máscara de David Lloyd y agregué los detalles basada en diversas fotos del actor Hugo Weaving en la película. Espero les guste, en las siguientes imágenes encontraran el paso a paso del proceso creativo 🖍️:

Hello Hivers❤️!

I want to share with you my participation today in the drawing challenge proposed by @maxwellmarcusart and @firefly2020. Every day there's a different theme and today's theme is "mysterious ".

When thinking about something mysterious, the first thing that came to my mind was the ghosts, but thinking a bit more it came to my mind Anonymous,** did you know that this kind of mask is actually called "Guy Fawkes mask"?

The mask of Guy Fawkes was used in the movie "V for Vendetta " and has served to represent a multitude of protests, among which those carried out by the group Anonymous stand out.

I think it represents the mystery very well, since whoever hides behind that mask wants to avoid being seen and in a certain way, is a symbol of rebellion. I took my inspiration for the drawing by guiding myself first of all from the design of the mask of David Lloyd and I added the details based on several photos of the actor Hugo Weaving in the movie. I hope you like it, in the following pictures you will find the step by step of the creative process 🖍️:

001 2.jpg

Borrador. | Sketch.

002 1.jpg

Luego de aplicar todos los detalles en color negro. | After applying all the details in black.

003 1.jpg

Resultado final.| Final result.

WhatsApp Image 20200718 at 19.30.05.jpeg

Yo con el dibujo.| Me with the drawing.


Mi participación de ayer:

My participation yesterday:



Nos vemos en un próximo post❤️!

See you in a next post❤️!


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You look gorgeous and your pics are very different. Hope you work with comics. Write stories with your pics, its awesome

Thank you! Wow, can you believe it?
I never thought about it before, but with the quarantine I got a little bored and decided to take an online course...

I've always liked drawing, but I hadn't had the chance to do it for a few years because I was always busy. I really like drawing anime characters.

Whi ever hides behind that mask is really a mystery!

😂 hahaha of course!