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Hey guys.....
Since the lockdown,I've been doing a lot of artwork. I've learned,unlearned and keep getting better each day. I've been part of several contests just to keep myself busy by doing what I love.

This is an artwork of a Nigerian actress named NANCY ISIME, she's also a TV presenter, a model and one thing I love about her is her love for staying fit. She doesn't joke with her exercise and she's a hard worker, I'm a huge fan of hers.

I started of with her hair, I chose afro because that's how the hair of a typical African looks, I chose a skin tone and did the outline perfectly.


I filled up other facial attributes
Then I made the dress, I wanted something longer initially but i settled for this sleeveless top and it came out looking quite good.

I added the highlights around her neck, hands and other areas, I also added a good amount of makeup on her face.

To get the final image up there, I chose a good background, added nose and earrings to make her look so chic .

This was done using illustrator, I used the pen tool, brush tool for her hair and different gradients for the make up.
I hope you like it💖💖
What do you think?
Instagram : leeen.dah

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