Officially 'Furloughed'

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After mentioning the possibility of being 'furloughed' on the Monday just gone it is now official. No work (although training is allowed) for three weeks to start with (I think it will be extended), ending on the earliest of the following:

  • the Scheme ending

  • the Company no longer being able to claim under the Scheme in respect of you

  • the Company requiring you to return to work (whether or not working from home)

I have to say that a 20% pay cut is not the end of the world, and we are lucky here in the UK that this option is available. Although, it is likely to take the economy a long time to get back on its feet, if ever.

During this time, it is possible for me to take on some volunteer work and also some other work as long as I inform the company and they agree. I'm not entirely sure what paid work is out there at present - perhaps the local supermarket need an extra pair of hands.

The other option for a little extra potential income, is to provide some content here each day, and on that other chain I shall not mention whilst the power down runs its course. The various actions taken over there this past month or two are shameful, and I can't understand anyone who wishes to continue longer than their exit period under the current regime.

During the call today my boss seemed repeatedly concerned about my well-being as he knows I live alone and of course, we are pretty much housebound at present. This concern sounded quite sincere and it is appreciated - I have however spent a lot of the last 2/3 years alone, although for much of that time there has been a beach within walking distance.

What I have been doing a lot of - every day for the past 3 weeks now, is somewhat randomly picking a short exercise video or two from YouTube and going through as much of the routine as possible with a friend who's on the other screen next to the TV.

Each day at 5pm, 6 her time, we meet, share the chosen routine/s and get to it. Once I get into something, I can get attached quite quickly - some attachment are better than others, and a little exercise each day has to rank highly. There is certainly extra motivation though when you virtual gym buddy shows up each day without fail, especially in pink pants.

It is likely that over the next three weeks at least, I'll probably ramp up the exercise a bit more and get something else done in the morning, perhaps a stretch or a bit of Yoga. One of the workouts we do is X-Yoga of P90x fame, and so far I reckon that is the most brutal of routines - who says Yoga is relaxing? There must be 70-80 push-ups during the 75 minute routine, and my arms were in bits for days following the first run though.

So I guess that's me for the next couple of weeks at least, eating cheap, working out in preparation for the beach (🙏), and writing some words and likely some numbers as well on the HIVE chain. Personally I feel lucky to have an outlet like this, as much for the company as anything else.

When will I sea you again? Pixabay

Have a nice evening all,


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We heard about 11 engineers got furloughed at work but looks like I'm still OK... For now. I know Tesco are looking for workers, in fact, they hired 40,000 people the last couple of weeks if you wanted to have a look.

Hope you can get the support here on Hive and over on Steem if any of your followers there still have SP. I was going to see how things pan out but seems every day there's less and less reason to be on there - interaction has noticeably dropped, post payouts are still on a par though which is interesting. Will keep looking at the spreadsheets and the facts.

I'd try and get to the beach as much as possible 🙂

Yeah Tesco are keen, and farmers want folks to pick fruits - i got some ideas in the works though.

I'm still posting once a day on Steem - it's worth driving my truck around, for now. Cheers!

You said all that bud; but all that was registered inside my tiny brain is pink pants! That’s all that I am saying.

Very fair to prioritise the pink pants! :D

Oh dear! I am sorry to hear this. Mallorca would be no fun right now. My son from another mother is stuck on Malaga. He was cramped in a holiday flat for 2 weeks, but has since (with permission) been able to escape to help his cousin at her yoga retreat in the mountains.

I, too, am posting to that other blockchain. I have powered down, but my circumstances are such that I will have to convert that to fiat to live on.

The world is going to take a long time to recover from this. It will never be the same.

Be well and stay chipper keeping your pink friend company!

What a mess, but good that he managed to make it to the mountains - could be quite nice up there.

Staying chipper, it's almost time for Yoga :) Take care!

Hey mate, good to hear it worked out and I liked that part about your boss showing some genuine concern for your wellbeing - This is an area the Directors at my work have been sadly, and quite pathetically, lacking in.

Keep up your routine mate, the exercise and hive-time (and the other nameless one also). I'll looking forward to some more blogs.

Party-off the pounds bro...

Hey, @abh12345.

I'm sorry about the furlough, but I think you did the proper thing to actually talk about your situation ahead of time with the supervisor. It's good that you can retain 80% of wages now, though, I am in full agreement that there will be plenty to pay for down the road.

I am increasingly concerned that we won't remember so much the virus itself, but the socio-economic impact, and what the governments did in response—before, during and after. I really don't like where this is heading.

I do look forward to seeing you around HIVE a bit more, and seeing more numbers and so forth. As I have hopefully said in the past, I've always found the numbers you pull to be useful to individuals and how they're doing, and not just how HIVE is performing in the macro.

Silver linings can be found in every day life, even during a pandemic, if we look for them. :)

Cheers Glen

My situation is good compared to some, and I am grateful for that but also wishing things were more fair.

You could be right in that the fallout will be discussed more than the virus in time, and I'm with you on the concerns about the future 'health' of socio/economic landscape.

I do promise to start gathering some personalised Hive data, perhaps next week when time is a plenty.

Hoping things are as well as they can be in your neck of the woods.

Things are doing okay here. We're trying to carry on as normal as you can with most things shut down and back to one income. :)

No hurry or worries as far as I'm concerned with the data. Just hoping to express appreciation.

Just read that the projections are looking better than expected. Wonder how long that will last, or if it will even get widely spread since there are definitely some out there with different concerns than just health and public safety.

Cheap days and beaches in the future. One can but hope!

Both of those at some point plese!

Why aye man, sooner rather than later!

That's pure weird, I just got a notification for a stats post of yours from February. There be gremlins in the machine!!


I don't think I updated anything yesterday, hmmm.

I know! It's weird. Glitch is in the house!

Time for some drinks!

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Tomorrow, an online 40th birthday party - the joys!

I shall raise a toast to you. Our lockdown has been extended for 2 weeks to the end of the month. That period includes at least one special birthday. She also lives alone. And we cannot leave home. Only for groceries. Be well.

Wow! I click on the vote and it was on 0.00, so I think, I will give you some support.
The thing jumps to 4.63 and 95 votes.
I hope it continues to jump to 40.63 my friend.

Life is tough for all of us at this time, but at least we have each other on here.
Blessings and take care Asher.

Well thank you very much :) Earning a little for showing support, what a smart idea this all is and a shame more housebound folk don't know it's here.

As I mentioned, we are lucky to have this space, especially during these crazy times.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by :)

Yep and totally agreed with you.
One can only hope that more would wake up to the opportunities in life.
I hope that your income here will also drastically increase.
Blessings and take care!

Hoping for the future to be much better is what someone can just do now

Hope is carrying a lot of weight at present :)

It could be worse, Majorca won't be fun right now.. although the weather would be nicer.

Yep, certainly could be worse, and may even go that way...

Not allowed on the beaches at present over there, although the weather from what I saw today on video chat is looking pretty decent.

I'm very glad we live in pretty 'sensible' countries that are trying to recover some of the damages done by the current pandemic, but still... Always sad to have to take a blow like that.

Hoping you'll be fine, eat healthy (even if cheap), work out, write content, go into the sun whenever possible - and yeah, we'll see where we are in a few months.

Damn, this thing is so new that I have nothing smart to say as there's no way to project how this goes :-)

You said all the right things that I should be doing, that's all that is required :) But yes, who knows where we will be at with coronavirus in 3/6/9 months - what strange times.

If I have some pink pants I can throw on, can I be your workout buddy?

I am getting fat and the pink pants are becoming "aspirational" size.

You are not really selling it to me but if the pants are hot pink I shall consider it :)

Here's my 2 cents and take care buddy

Cheers dude!