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Another week has gone by and this past one was filled to the brim with some awesome spins on my turntable! If you want to see what I listened to the week before, check out this post.

Even though the weather has been fantastic, I have had a lot of stuff that needed to be worked on in my office. We have another school board meeting coming up and the Superintendent has been asking me to do research on several projects he wants to get lined up.

I started the week with a little bit of John Denver as you can see above. I know he gets a bad rap sometimes (especially from Farva in Super Troopers), but I really dig his music and his voice.


Also on tap was some Taylor Swift because without apology I am a pretty big Taylor Swift fan. The Red album is probably my most favorite album of hers. I feel like it is really solid from the first song to the last song.


This is a compilation album that I picked up somewhere along the line. It has some really great songs on both sides and it was a nice change of pace from the other stuff I had been listening to.


From there I moved into a little bit of Steppenwolf. I am pretty sure I picked up this album solely for that fact that it has "Magic Carpet Ride" on it. It is a really solid album all around though if you get a chance to listen to it.


I was pretty happy that U2 Rattle and Hum came up at the top of the stack of records I was going through. I hadn't listened to this one in a while and it has some really great songs. The whole album spans two records, but I only listened to the first one this week.


I really wanted to find my copy of Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger" since the 45th anniversary of that record was last week. I couldn't find it though, so I had to settle for some Don Williams. He has a really awesome voice and they often refer to him as the gentle giant. I was able to see him in concert a really long time ago and it was a great show.


I have had this Beach Boys album for quite a while now, but I think this was the first time that I ever actually listened to it. It has a lot of their big hits on it. The only one I wish it had that is not on the album is "God Only Knows". Overall, it is a really great album that spans two records.


I kind of feel like Bertie Higgins is one of those singers that you either love him or hate him. I know some people probably feel his music is cheesy, but I really enjoy listening to him and this album is perfect having both "Key Largo" and "Casablanca" on it.


Soon it was time for a change of mood and I threw this bad boy on to spin. This is probably one of my favorite records that I own. It has so many good songs on it and it just gets you in a great mood when you listen to it.


This is a record that I always forget I have. It is hard to know what you are going to get when you pick up a greatest hits record from an artist that has had such a prolific career. This one had all the songs I really care about on it and it's just a great spin if you want to hear some Dylan.


I was super excited when this showed up on my doorstep. I had tried to get a copy of it several weeks ago on eBay and sadly I got outbid. Luckily, there are always other ones out there and I was able to snag this for under $10. This is probably one my most favorite soundtracks of all time. I used to have it on cassette and I just knew I had to pick it up on vinyl. The electric guitar forward Top Gun anthem is awesome.


It seems I have a lot of records that span two albums in my collection. This is another one of them. More than likely most of you had this album on CD at some point in your life. It sounds just as fantastic on vinyl and there really isn't a bad song on the whole album. It is called Greatest Hits for a reason!


If you haven't noticed a large part of my record collection is 60's,70's and 80's music. I was really excited to pick up this copy of Dire Straits Brother's in Arms quite some time ago. It is a really fantastic album and it even has the uncensored version of "Money for Nothing" on it. Not that I agree with the lyrics, but there is something nice about hearing the full song which doesn't happen on the radio version.


Talk about another album where there isn't a bad song on the whole thing. While you might be less familiar with songs like "Darlington County", they are still really fantastic. This album is a total keeper from the first song to the last. It probably rates up there in the top 20 albums I have in my collection.


Finally, it just felt right the other day to finish my listening session with "Old Blue Eyes". While this doesn't have the bigger hits on it that I wish it did, it is still a fantastic album. Pretty much a classic in my book.

There you have it. That is what I have been listening to. Show me what you have been listening to in the comments or better yet write a post about it and use the tag #whoareyoulisteningto!

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