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With Tasteem not coming over to Hive, it is not very likely I will be doing many restaurant reviews in the near future. On top of that, Covid-19 has done a pretty good job of ensure that hardly anyone will be going out to eat anytime soon.

In light of that, I wanted to spend this Friday gathering some pictures I have posted on my Actifit posts in the past with my @bozz.sports account and expand upon them a little further.

The first week that we were in a looser lockdown than we are are now experiencing, I was able to make it to the meat market several times. The butcher is quite possibly one of my favorite stores to visit. I can easily spend as much money as we do on a week of groceries there in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, we have a vacuum sealer at home, so we can keep all of the items I purchase safely frozen until we need them.

This was one of the first meals we had after school was closed down and we were told to leave the house as little as possible. I will admit, I overcooked the steak just a little bit, but the broccoli and potatoes were fantastic.


Another day, we heated up some orange chicken that we had purchased from Trader Joe's. It comes frozen in a bag with the sauce, and then you can add it to rice or whatever you want. It is best to either only use part of the bag or make sure you have enough people to eat it all because it doesn't really re-heat that well.


Another day, @mrsbozz found this recipe for garlic knots that used no eggs or oil in the recipe. It was basically just flour, baking powder, and greek yogurt. I threw everything together and crossed my fingers. They actually turned out really well.

The hardest part of making them was getting them into the knot shape. The dough was really sticky and I was having trouble getting it into position without breaking it. They tasted fantastic!


Yesterday, my wife was flipping through another magazine and she found this recipe for spicy mixed nuts. She handed me the article and said "you need to make these". Then she batted her eyelashes and I knew no matter how much I resisted, I would be making them.

The recipe calls for mixed nuts, but we didn't have that, so we used whole cashews and Trader Joe's Inca corn. Think hominy turned into corn nuts. The recipe calls for some oil, cumin, oregano, chili powder, sugar, and cayenne. You mix it all up and then bake it for about 15 minutes at 325 degrees. It came out amazing! I am actually a little afraid of this recipe because it is so addicting. You might want to make a double batch if you attempt it yourself.


Tuesday, the weather was beautiful, almost like a Summer day. The sun was out and the temps were in the 60's, so we knew that we had to grill out. My wife pulled out her trusty "speedie" marinade of soy sauce, honey, oil, and a boatload of garlic for the chicken. I went with one of my trusty New York strips that I purchased at the meat market. To top it off, she made macaroni and cheese that we threw on the grill to give a nice smokey flavor.

I cooked the steak perfectly this time and the mac and cheese was by far some of the best she has made in a long time. It was a pretty fantastic meal!


Finally, this is a bottle that I purchased right after the stay at home order was imposed and I have been enjoying it over the past couple of weeks. It is hard to believe that Monday will be one month since schools were closed and the order was tentatively put into effect.

For the price, this is a pretty decent bottle of bourbon. It is blended, so that gives it a smoother finish and it isn't quite as harsh as some of the other whiskey's out there.

How have you guys been eating over the past month? I'd love to see you post about it and use the tag #eatingthroughcovid. It would be cool to see what kind of indulgences people are creating and consuming during this otherwise depressing time. Food is comfort after all!

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Yesterday, I had a ribeye steak, eggs, bacon, and avocado. Yum.

Great big Yum right there! Sounds like a nice spread!

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Thank you!

Haha I haven’t been cooking nearly as much during this crisis.

Been ordering out before digging into my storage.

I think we are picking up a pizza for tonight.

What type?

Ham, mushroom, and onion. Traditional style.

Can't go wrong there.

Wow, some delicious looking dishes. I especially am fond of that Orange Chicken. Yum !!

Yeah, it is the closest I have ever found to Panda Express.

Shoot I did not know Tasteem was not coming to Hive. Hopefully people will still want to do reviews it’s one of the better parts of the community.

Also if you like 4 roses make sure to try Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon. It’s a bit pricy, but it’s so good!

Yeah, I am going to miss Tasteem too. I just bought a bottle of Michters the other day and I really enjoy that. I have been wanting to try Blanton's for a while now.

It’s super hard to find near me. I had a friend get some last time he was in the south. I’ll have to look for that once the quarantine is over.

I have some local places that might be able to order it. We will see.

I don’t have a good enough relationship with any local bottle shops to do this yet.

I probably dont either, but it never hurts to ask!

That’s true!