Bozzlife: #eatingthroughcovid, you get what you get


Okay, I will admit, I have been doing a horrible job of being a good Hivian lately. This my first post in about five days and it feels like I have really been slacking off.

The truth is, life has just been super crazy. We just got off the long holiday weekend which really is not discernible from any other day lately due to the social distancing. With one small exception...

My inlaws made the drive up from Ohio now that restrictions have been relaxed a little and we were finally able to spend a good three days with my wife's family. It has a great time with lots of amazing food.

All of which I totally forgot to take pictures of because I was so busy enjoying their company. So this week for #eatingthroughcovid, you are going to get what you get and not throw a fit.


When my wife and I first bought an air fryer, the one thing we were most interested in trying was home made egg rolls. My wife was of the opinion that; if we could get the egg rolls crunchy with just the air fryer, then we would keep it.

Thankfully, we were able to make some of the crispiest, tastiest home made egg rolls and the air fryer has now become a every day use appliance in our house.

For the meal above we made some egg rolls and then had some pan fried veggies on the side.


It has been a while since we ordered out, so another night, we placed an order from our favorite local bar. They have some amazing food and I know I have raved about them in past posts. I went for the classic burger. It was a tough choice because I love their bbq bacon burger, but this day i was looking for something more traditional.


@mrsbozz went for the chicken nachos. It is probably her most favorite dish that they serve. I usually end up stealing a couple of chips and chunks of chicken before our meal is finished.


I don't remember if I covered it before, but this was a caramelized onion, chicken, and pasta dish that we made a while ago. The flavors were fantastic and it really did the job of filling you up. It made enough that we had some as left overs which is what you see above. You could really add anything to this dish that you think would accompany the caramelized onions.


Finally, just the other night we decided to grill the last turkey breast we had in the freezer. That is what is happening in the opening photo. The end result is shown above. Hickory smoked turkey breast with potatoes and onions, and brussels sprouts. It all turned out very well and if you look really closely, you can see the faint smoke ring on the turkey. I only used one chunk of hickory so it was a very subtle flavor.

It was a fantastic meal.

I'd love to see what you are whipping up in the kitchen during this time of social distancing. Show me what you are eating in the comments, or better yet, write your own post and use the #eatingthroughcovid tag!

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Yeah it feels so good to spend some time with our loved once. Hope you love your wife's family 😛. Good post and the the dishes looks delicious.

Thank you!

Looks like a whole bunch of goodness!


Wow! The food looks very delicious. I am sure you did enjoyed it.

Thank you!

I hear you Bozzman. These are strange times in real life and on the blockchain and I find myself being dragged away. We keep coming back.

I would be embarrassed for the most part in sharing what we have been eating lately. There have been some great home cooked meals and some good bbq augmented by the fanciest take out ever known. I suppose it is not all that bad.

Keep cooking and keep Hiving!

Nothing to be ashamed of! I think all of our routines have gotten thrown out the window which is why I started this series. It's interesting to see how others are coping with the stay at home orders through their meals and cooking.

Well. Not that there is any photographic evidence but I finished eating fish and chips from the air fryer. 2 prepared fish fillets and fresh red potato fries. Pretty tasty and I don't have to heat up the whole house. It's 110f outside right now.

Those egg rolls look terrific. I can tell that I'm going to have to give them a whirl.

I like everything you have there except brussel sprouts. I know, I know. I felt like they were punishment when I was a child and I've never looked back :)

Thanks Bozz

I never had sprouts as a kid so I am lucky that I have come to love them in my later years. No negative memories to warn me off. I love the air fryer for exactly what you mentioned. It is a great way to cook something without heating up the whole house.

Make sure you use a bit of oil on the outside of the egg rolls. That is what really helps them get crispy.

Why I always find your delicious food posts right before bed time, and when my stomach starts to get a bit empty...
And why I'm always attracted towards the most unhealthier ones like that burger? I wish I could go to Serbia and eat their own version of a burger, named pleskavica which is delicious.
Have a great day and Hive on, whenever you feel like!

That has to be the worst timing ever! It was a delicious burger for sure!

Hey mate, hope you're well! Thanks to you, I just spent an hour looking at the differences between egg rolls and spring rolls as I'd never heard of Egg rolls before....anyways, I will be giving them both a try in my air fryer later this week!!
Take care fella :-)