Bozzlife: Finally a Repreive!

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After two days of solid rain, we are finally getting some fantastic weather here! I am super excited because up until now it has just been pretty much cold and dreary with the exception of one day.

My wife and I have decided to put a fair amount of effort into our yard this year because we have a feeling we might be spending more time in it this Summer than usual.

Camping at state parks in the State of Michigan has been pushed back to June 21st. That means the first two trips that we had booked for the year have already been cancelled. On top of that, we had plans to go to the Buckeye Country Superfest in Columbus, OH this June with our nieces and my sister in law, but that has been cancelled as well.

The sole concert we have left for the Summer is Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, and Joan Jett. I have a feeling that one is going to get cancelled too, even though it is in August. I hope I am wrong.

Anyway, the first project we decided to tackle in our backyard was throwing down some more mulch. After we took Jovi to the park for a forty minute walk that is. If you follow my Actifit posts I am going to have a huge step count today!


Last year I went around the corner to the local landscape supply company and I got two cubic yards of black mulch. This year because we were just freshening up what had decomposed over the Winter, I only grabbed one cubic yard. It cost me thirty dollars (US) and they dumped it right in the back of my pickup.

I brought it home and we got to work spreading it out through the flower beds.


Our next project is probably going to be pulling up the boarder on this bed and putting down some blocks or something nicer. We really aren't fans of this edging because it comes up out of the ground like you see here. Please excuse all of the dead patches in my lawn from Jovi doing her business!


I also have to get this fence replaced at some point because it is leaning and I am afraid it is going to fall into the neighbors yard. I don't really have the money for a project like that right now though. The other day before it started raining I threw down some grass seed on those bare patches you see in the photo above.

Before long plants will start growing in the bed along the fence line. We made sure not to cover those spots with mulch.

After all of that, @mrsbozz mowed the back yard while I cleaned out the bed of my truck. Then I mowed the front yard while she took a break and relaxed on the deck.

If you go back to the opening photo, that area to the left of the shed is my garden and although I didn't have a garden last year, I plan on planting a couple things this year. I need to get the weeds out of there first and add some soil to my buckets. Then I just need to pick what I want to plant. I am thinking tomatoes and maybe zucchini,perhaps some peppers.

It is definitely going to be a bit bittersweet. As much as we enjoy spending time in our backyard, we really enjoy camping and having about half of our season wiped out just like that is depressing. Hopefully they don't push the opening date back any further. We have a long trip to the far West side of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and I am really looking forward to that one.

Tonight we will sit on our deck and enjoy some adult beverages while I grill us dinner. I am really looking forward to that!

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