Bozzlife: Finding your blogging space during Covid

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I am not going to deny it was a legitimate struggle trying to decide what to write about today. Eventually, I finally settled on what you are about to read. Somewhat inspired by @kommienezuspadt and his recent posts about the workspace he has created I decided to show my own workspace.

The truth is, the title of this post has a bit of a double meaning. In addition to being outside of my work office where the majority of my Hive interaction takes place, the social distancing also has many of us separated from the typical content we normally blog about.

I had several events coming up including camping season that I was really looking forward to blogging about. Having been either cancelled or postponed, it has become necessary to find different things to blog about.

I've been able to come up with a couple of weekly features that give me something to blog about, but I don't really feel those have picked up as much hype as I had hoped they would.

Messy should probably be my middle name and if you saw my office at work you would probably agree. It should be no surprise to you then that the picture above is the home office that I have been doing my Hiving in (oh, I like that term, I will have to use it in a future post).


Despite not being my normal work space, I can't really complain about the view as you can see above. I think I really lucked out when my wife and I swapped work spaces at home. It was mostly so I could listen to my records in the downstairs office, but either way, I am not going to argue.

How is Covid impacting your "Hive space"? Are you finding it harder to come up with content ideas? Is your workspace different now or do you still do most of your creation in the same place?

I've been plugging away, but I still feel a bit disjointed with my content creation. I am not sure what is causing it. It's just this little nagging feeling in the back of my head that I can't put my finger on.

Do you feel more productive during this time or less? I'd love to hear about how this whole Corona thing has impacted your creative flow.

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How is Covid impacting your "Hive space"? Are you finding it harder to come up with content ideas? Is your workspace different now or do you still do most of your creation in the same place?

My workspace is mostly the same consisting of one laptop. I tried the last two days to post more from my smartphone as well but, it's a bit over the hand. In regards of ideas... I plunge into whatever the moment offers. I don't usually plan. It's clear from your workspace that you're an IT guy.

I've been plugging away, but I still feel a bit disjointed with my content creation.

My shitty advice: don't plan it. Just let it flow, or if you're driving save your idea for later and it will unfold on a great post once you get home. Being a native English speaker it should be way easier for you. If I were one you would have half of your feed with my posts :)) Kidding, with the last part.

Yes, I am definitely an IT guy. I feel like I should do more of the random thoughts type thing, but I just feel like people don't care about that. I guess that is part of my problem. Writing about what I think will get votes vs. just writing about whatever I want. I just always feel like I need to hustle a little harder. Get the attention of that next whale or dolphin. I think you do a great job for not being a native English speaker. You definitely would have fooled me if I didn't know better!

I just feel like people don't care about that.

It doesn't matter what people care. It's your blog. I've done this mistake many many times. Now, if I wanna write about pawpaws being tested positive for COVOD-19 I do that. It's my blog and I post what I feel like posting.

Get the attention of that next whale or dolphin.

You already have some and more will come. At least that's how I see it. Freewrites are my favorites and I'm 100% that you would do great at those as well. Passion is always rewarded so writing about what you want will not be a failure at all. That's how I see it. Sometimes I got the feeling that the energy one puts in his posts is really palpable and somehow curators and folks engaging feel that.

Free-writes scare me! My mind is a jumbled maze! I am afraid people would get lost and never able to make their way out! :)

Try us :)

It's funny, but it would seem with even more leisure time, since most of my social activities are on hold, that there would be a lot more time to be creative. But I'm finder it harder to find motivation and inspiration, which seems to be along the lines of what you are saying. We've gotten a lot of outdoor projects done this spring, but it seems that my blogging is suffering!

Totally! Usually in my office I can dedicate a lot of time to Hive. That just hasn't been the case at home. I think part of it is my wife and I have our daily routine of eating lunch and breakfast together as well as going for our walk. I wouldn't trade those things for anything though.

Oh, not me. Why I just made a post 8 days ago :)

I had two mostly written and discarded this last week. I've got a couple other projects going that are taking time, but not THAT much. I'm in a dry patch again. CV19 is a good excuse, but it really doesn't wash with me.

I like the look of your workspace. You have all your stuff right at hand. I'm on the desktop now, my laptop and kindle and phone are around my 'chair'.

I'm going to start working on my roof tomorrow. There's another great excuse. I should get two weeks out of that even though I expect to be finished this week :)

So. I like Hiving, too. Don't be surprised if I use that. All my best ideas have been stolen from someone.

:) I hear, you. I still have some Spring cleaning stuff to tend to that is definitely going to dig into my Hive time once the weather gets a little warmer. I think it is that separation from all the household things that helps me focus more in my other office.

Thats a good work space and pretty tidy, as for my workspace I am fortunate that I retired just as Covid was kicking off so I don't need a workspace as such

My wife would probably disagree with you about the tidiness!

Well just looking at my desk now as I type this trust time mine is untidy LOL

My study space is shared with some of the family and has been getting messy. I ought to tidy it up. Yours does not look too bad.

Nice post and I must say that I tried blogging for 2 months without any earnings and decided to switch on HIVE which rewarded me from the first day. For sure this is the future in my opinion!

I am glad to hear that! Best of luck here on Hive!

Great view on having a harsh time about what to write, I feel the same each day when I need inspiration to get something out that I am passionate about.

Geez, you legitimately have 3 devices on your desk, not just 3 monitors.

Yeah, school board meeting tonight so I needed one to stream the meeting, one to be in the meeting and one to monitor the stream to ensure it was running correctly. It all went pretty smoothly!

My workspace is essentially the same i.e. My laptop all around the house in different chairs and sofas. I like to mix it up lol

You have a real sweet set up I must say. And that view is awesome. I like the way I do my work but it does make me wonder about my set up after seeing yours. Really nice