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I feel like a large number of my posts have been in the "Bozzlife" category lately. That is probably pretty accurate given the fact that for all intents and purposes the world has basically stopped spinning (figuratively of course).

This past week has been the epitome of Spring with temps in the 60 degree range and some of the bluest cloudless skies I have seen in a while. Just have a look the the opening picture! My wife and I have been hitting the park every day this week doing a 2.5 to 3 mile walk.

It is pretty funny watching our 11 year old dog who is happy just to lie around all day turn into a puppy the minute we mention the word "walk". She loves getting out to the park and strutting her stuff.


As you can see, despite the "stay at home" order, the grounds crew has been doing a pretty good job of keeping the park in nice condition. Quite the departure from the post that @nuthman wrote yesterday. @mrsbozz and I really appreciate that our community takes pride in its facilities and does what it can to keep them nice and usable.

Walking seems to be one of the few things that gives me relief from the pain my leg wound has been giving me. That relief may be short lived as night time temperatures are supposed to drop into the twenties this weekend and it may not be possible for us to get out and do our walks until things warm up.


I promised in the title this would be a "random" post, so changing gears, I picked up this bag of lump charcoal the other day. I have never used lump charcoal before, but I know a lot of the professionals use it. Typically, I just purchase the two pack bags of Kingsford Charcoal when it goes on sale. It isn't uncommon for me to have 12 to 14 bags sitting in my garage.

I was really excited to try this stuff out though. It is more expensive, but it is supposed to burn hotter and cleaner with no fillers added. Additionally, if you do things right, you are supposed to be able to get multiple uses out of each batch of charcoal.


I had to pick and choose which pieces to use because some of them are huge. Like so big I am not even sure they would fit in my charcoal chimney starter. Overall, I am pretty happy with it. It gave me a good consistent cook. I don't know if I will keep buying it or not, but for a rare splurge, I think it is totally worth the money.


Finally, with the weather being so nice, we have been spending a lot of time on our deck. This picture was taken before I mowed the lawn the other day. I can hardly believe I have already mowed the lawn three times this year and we aren't even halfway through May yet.

Once this cold snap passes I will probably get to work on my garden. I was going to plant it last week, but I am glad I waited. They are talking about a hard frost the next two nights. The kind that kills any delicate vegetation that might be starting to come up.

With the colder temps, it is a good thing that Season 2 of "Dead to Me" was just released on Netflix today. It is likely the wife and I will be spending some time snuggled up on the couch watching that absolutely brilliant show this weekend. I just hope the second season lives up to the high bar that was set with the first season!

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An interesting read those parks look well maintained a beauty to walk in

Cheers and have a good weekend, whatever a weekend is these days lOL

Hmmm. Going to have to watch "Dead to me".

The first season was phenomenal.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day, @bozz!
Stay safe and take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks, you too!

Not a bad day that I must say, in compared to what is going on in my city, with all this lock down and stuff. Sorry to hear about your leg wound btw.

Thank you!

I believe I can sit out there all day with viewing nature in that beautiful woods.

The park looks ideal to go walking the dog, they always turn back into puppies at the mere thought of going out.

Charcoal sounds good, we use briquettes in preference over here which we finds lasts a little longer, oh I still use wood as well.

Enjoy your week, good to see you are on the mend.