Bozzlife: Something that drives me crazy

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I didn't really have a topic that I planned on writing about today. Then, something happened... Something that drives me crazy.

Something that quite honestly makes my skin crawl every time it happens.

So lucky you, I am going to write a short post about it today.

So, in case you don't know, I work in the Information Technology field. I have been doing it for over 20 years and I have a shiny framed bachelors degree that supposedly allows me to do it.

Working in the education field, we frequently have guest speakers and presnters come into our buildings to further educate and inform the students and staff. Without fail these guests in our district usually need some form of technical help.

No problem, quite honestly, that is part of my job and exactly what I am here for. This is what drives me crazy though...

far too often, the staff member who is working with these guest speakers refers to me as "our tech guy".

In fact, even today I had to go in a classroom because a file association got screwed up and videos were no longer playing on the teachers machine. It was an easy fix and as I was walking out the door the guest speaker said "thank goodness the tech guy was around to take care of this".

It took every fiber in my being to not turn around and walk back in the classroom to correct him. To be fair, he didn't know the difference, for all he knew I was some middle-aged guy who does tech work in the district and to actually correct him would just make me the "jerk at that school I spoke at today".

In fact, I feel petty as I type this up now, but it seriously drives me crazy when I don't get the respect I deserve. I guarantee, it is all in my head, like I said, how was this guy to know my backstory, title, or history with the school district.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Am I being totally unreasonable? Oh, in case I didn't mention it, my official title is Technology Director. It's basically like CIO, but our school district is small and they don't usually use titles like that in school districts, especially small ones.

If you take a look at my Steemit profile page, you will probably notice that I call myself a tech guy. I feel like that is different though. Does that make sense?

I look forward to reading your replies about this. Do you have anything like this that drives you crazy? Something where there is a perceived lack of respect (whether it exists or not). How do you deal with it or cope with it? Let me hear it!

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All in the head, title means nothing today except for a Résumé when looking for employment of late.

If you go to varsity and get Dr in front that normally recognized when people tell you, it is damned annoying when no respect it shown especially when you are the only one in the room who is able to problem solve.

You earned that Title my man. I say you should have gone back and punched that guys lights out lol Seriously Iam on your side and think people should differentiate that

firstly yes it makes perfect sense, and I can understand you being frustrated when someone calls you the tech guy its fine to refer to yourself as that but its kind of a put down to say it to someone I think

This is relate-able. I've been a server admin for many years and one thing that sometimes annoys me is a user trying to goad me into resolving their self-inflicted PEBCAK errors on workstations.

Sometimes, I'll be nice and try to throw em a bone but, in truth, they don't understand how this tends to be a waste when we have a call center and Tier I / II for those sort of issues.

Also, the ones that try to bypass the process of putting trouble ticket. Made this meme for the occasion.


Ah yes, I do pretty much everything through email because we are so small, but I know what you are saying about people that just expect you to fix stuff without following the process!

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Once you'll see everything as just numbers, papers and mere labels, you won't bothered anymore. Do your job, take your cash and invest your energy in whatever makes you happy. In one year from now all of this will be just like the rain in October, ten years ago. I am trying to embrace the fuck it mentality as much as I can. This way no one can ever drive you craze.

Seems like a good state of mind to be in!

Lol, guess what they call me.

Just embrace it, man, be a proud Tech Guy, wear a T-shirt. It's a cool role and people love yo for playing it whether they know it or not.

Good points! Yes, I have been called much worse I am sure! :)

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