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It was a pretty fantastic day on Friday as far as weekends go. The weather started out with a little rain,but by the end of the day we were treated to this wonderful evening. We spent a good amount of time out on the deck just talking and listening to music.


In fact we even stayed out until the sun went down which is a pretty rare thing for Spring in Michigan. Usually it is still much too cold to spend any significant time out in the evening.

Saturday started out much the same way minus the rain. It was just cloudy and kind of blah out. Thankfully, after lunch time, things started to clear up and before we knew it, it was another wonderful day to spend a little bit of time out on the deck.


We rented a tiller from one of the local home improvement stores so I could get my garden all ready to go. My mother and father in law also needed the tiller to get their garden ready. I rented it for four hours and it only cost me about $30. I don't think that was too bad considering we only need it about once a year.

Now I need to get over to the greenhouse to pick up the vegetables that I am going to be planting. Plus I need to do a little more weeding as well. I am hoping to put some tomatoes and peppers in the buckets and then zucchini on the ground around the buckets.


Jovi even came out and spent a little bit of time with us on the deck. It is pretty rare that she actually sits down and enjoys herself on the deck. She is usually sniffing around the yard or barking at the neighbors.


We were out there so long she finally gave up and accepted her fate!

The past couple of nights have been a little rough for her. We have been getting a lot of rain and wind. Typically, she sleeps with us, but for the past couple of weeks she hasn't been hopping up onto the bed.

The past two nights I have woken up to her pacing around the room and whining at the gate we use to keep her in our sleeping area. I let her out a couple of times and she doesn't even leave the deck to go potty.

I let her back in and she just continues to pace.

At eleven years old we know she is getting old, but we are not sure if there is something else going on with her. We just had her into the vet and she checked out all okay. We are wondering if it is anxiety, pain, or something called canine dementia.


After a particularly rough night last night where she was up from about midnight to 8:00 am, she has been passed out on the floor next to me as I work in the basement. I don't want her to get too much sleep so she is wide awake tonight.

I don't really mind her pacing about the house, but the whining wakes me up out of a dead sleep. Call it a parental instinct. @mrsbozz just sleeps through it most of the time, but I can hear her in a dead sleep from the other room.

We have thrown around the idea of talking to the vet about CBD oil and that might be even more of a reality now as she is getting older and she may need that to ease whatever it is she has going on. Oh how I wish she could just talk to us and tell me what is going on!

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"We are wondering if it is anxiety, pain, or something called canine dementia."

Hopefully none of the above, but just a lazy day for Jovi. :D

I agree! Hopefully!

Man you really have a beautiful garden, and you have probably mentioned already but I am gonna ask anyway: are the zucchinis from one of your previous food post from your own garden?
It would be great to have your own home grown vegetables. I haven't had that since my mother owned a garden, about seven years ago, and I was around here, in between moving. Grandma on the other hand has always had, and I am starting to appreciate more and more the raw and healthy vegetables that one can get from his own garden.
Have a great day!

No, the zucchini was from the store, but we eat enough of it that I think it might be good to grow our own.

Damn. I'm sorry to hear about Jovi. I take human CDB oil, it really helps my inflamed joints.

Sam is coming home tomorrow. He's been at Erv's place for two weeks while I've been working on the roof. It needs one more coat of sealer, but my guy has moved on to the next project and it won't hurt a thing for Sam to be here. I'm sure he'll wait patiently while I am on the roof the next couple of days....

I had cherry tomatoes this winter, they were really good. I'm looking forward to fall so I can replant them :) Looks like a likely place for tomatoes and peppers. Zucchini will grow anyplace!

I bet he will be happy to be home!

We have had similar weather with period of rain and sun, glad you got to make the most of the sunny periods and that's seems a good deal for the tiller for that long

Hoping Jovi settles down and or feels back to normal soon

Me too! Thank you!


Thanks for sharing your weekend, especially about Jovi. I have three toy dogs at home, and they are my beloved companions. MySweetPea is 14 years old, and I have to prepare myself for the time when she will have to cross the rainbow bridge.
Have a wonderful week ahead, and take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you! You too!

Beautiful pictures, here in Kharkiv, Ukraine, people are preparing their gardens and they also planted lots of flower plants as well. I have heard zucchini grows faster than other vegetables, not sure...

My 10 years old dog sometimes does that, I used to worry about her, in fact, she refused to eat her favorite food, maybe sometimes dogs just feel lazy. I hope nothing serious with Jovi...

Thank you, I hope so too! Maybe it will just be a temporary thing for her.

Yes, I think you should give her some time I mean observe her for a few days and then again better take her to the VET if you see no improvements...

We give our older dog treats for her anxiety and joints. It seems to work with limiting her mileage per day.

That is cool, what is the name of the stuff you give your dog?

These are used more as preventives.

Joints - glucosamine
Anxiety - solliquine

These are not treatments they just help. Your vet can tell you stronger stuff if needed.

Thank you, I have heard of the solliquine before. We haven't gotten around to buying any yet.

Seems to work pretty good for our dog.

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