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This is a continuation of the post that I did about nine days ago where I am trying to see what people are listening to while they are being encouraged to "stay at home" and avoid the Covid-19 crisis.

As I have been working down in my basement more than I did in the past, I have been listening to a lot of my records. I have a couple that I just ordered on eBay, but due to the shipping delays from the Corona virus, they have not arrived yet.

Instead, I have been sorting through the stack of 200+ records that I have and listening to some of the gems in my collection. The mood has definitely been mellow soft rock lately as you will see from the pictures.

My sessions have included Genesis: Invisible Touch as you see above as well as the remaining records I will share below.


INXS is one of my favorite bands from the time period they were out and I really feel they could still be more relevant today than they are if the lead singer had not passed away. He was a truly special talent.


I share this picture in my post the other day, but Phish: Farmhouse is one of my favorite records. I listened to the first side twice through before I wrote both of these posts. For some reason both sides are skipping towards the end of the record, but I can't see any obvious reason why. I may just need to throw a dime or penny on top of my stylus.


I have quite a few Billy Joel records in my collection. He is pretty iconic and words really can't begin to describe the amount of talent he possesses. There is a lot of good stuff on this record (both sides). It is always a joy to spin it.


I picked up this England Dan and John Ford Coley record a short time before our basement flooded. Sadly I lost all of my jackets, but the records survived and this is one great record. Most of their radio hits you are familiar with, plus some other gems. Likely you have heard the songs before, but never really knew the names of the guys that sang them.


You might laugh, but the Xanadu soundtrack is pretty awesome. One side Olivia Newton John, the other side Electric Light Orchestra. There is a lot of good tunes on this album. If you are fans of either of those artists and you haven't given the whole thing a listen, you really should.


Finally, I finished the day yesterday with Mike and the Mechanics. They are such a great band. This album is a real must have if you are a fan of the group. Silent Running and All I Need is a Miracle. Do I really need to say more?

There you have it folks, that is who I have been listening to. Write your own post and use the #whoareyoulisteningto tag today!

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Domino on Invisible Touch, a slight hark back to the days when they were not pop. I was a mad INXS fan in the late 80's, drove people mad with their songs and had all their albums, even the cheesy early ones.

Ah yes, they were very new wave sounding in the early years.

You know how sometimes you get a taste in your mouth and you won't even sleep well until you have a cheeseburger? Deep Purple. First album on CD. I just couldn't do anything until I listened to it...twice.

I like your selections. None of them are something I'd listen to all the time, but all of them are 'pleasant listening' once in a while.

I'm going to maybe get my 10 albums out tomorrow. I'm guessing there will be a surprise or two there for you :)

I am looking forward to it! I felt bad that I left out a couple of genres in that post, but I had to stick with what was life changing.

Oh, I am a huge fan of so many of those, although unlike you, some of mine are just certain songs that I want to hear. The INKX was popular in my house, although my parents despised it! I remember my brother playing LOUD!!

My uncle babysat us when my parents went out and his favorite was the old Woodstock Album, it was ancient, but, he loved it.

So much music, so many beautiful tunes.

Upped and reposted


Thank you!

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Gee golly gosh, you are spinning all the disks I enjoy, have some in our collection still!

Was listening to some Emerson, Lake and Palmer a little earlier today, was mentioning Xanadu yesterday to a Canadian online doing group names, also have that LP.

Tomorrow some Genesis for sure! Have an awesome weekend to both yourself and Mrs. Bozz.

Thank you! I finally got some more stuff in the mail yesterday.

Only essential items will be delivered/purchased over here (food/medication), we are still under strictest lockdown...

It took significantly longer to get them than it should have. They are prioritizing shipping, but not halting anything.

Lucky you... Wish we could get a little more than we are at the moment, oh well this cannot last forever!

Great are having a great time it seems

I am doing the best I can with what I have!

I’ve been all over the place during this quarantine. I’ve had to do a lot of writing for worm so that’s usually Indie or 90s hip hop. I’ve also been listening to a lot of ‘chill’ music lately. Think Hippie Sabotage of you have heard of that.

No, I haven't, but I will be sure to check it out.

It’s pretty chill of your into this kind of music.

I like a little bit of everything so I am sure it will find a home in one of my playlists!