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Valentine's Day was especially kind to me this year. First when I went to eat my morning bowl of cereal, I found a wonderful card from @mrsbozz sitting on the counter. It immediately brought a smile to my face even though it was only 5:00 AM. The second surprise happened later that day when I received my beta access email from the EOS Voice team allowing me to create my account.

To say I was excited would be an understatement. As devoted and vested in Steem as I am, the idea of being involved in something that EOS had a hand in from the ground level was enough to make me giddy.

The differences between the two platforms are apparent right from the get go. To create your account you need to go through a pretty extensive KYC process. It felt more like I was creating a trading account with Binance or Kraken.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I knew that Voice was going to be much more transparent than most of the other platforms out there. They have been very clear about that, and in fact it is one of their selling points.

I have to admit though, it still feels weird having my full name appear on my profile page. You don't see it in the image above because I scrubbed it out, but trust me, it is there right above where it says @bozz in large bold letters.

The Bad (If you can call it that)

My biggest gripe so far is the fact that they did the launch on a Friday. Since there is no official mobile app yet, this means that I need to use a desktop. My desktop at home is more of a server than an actual daily use machine. This means I wasn't really able to play with it over the weekend and now I feel like I am already behind the curve on followers and potential earnings.

Right now the tokens are worthless and when the product moves out of beta whatever worthless tokens you have earned will all go away. Be that as it may, I know from experience on Steem that building connections is what really matters and my fear is that not being active this first weekend will deny me those important connections to future influencers.

Another issue is the fact that I am hesitant to post content right now. As I said, the in app currency is worthless right now. Sure they might give us a swap when it moves out of beta or some other incentive, but why would I want to waste my good content on potentially worthless rewards? It is a fine line between posting engaging content to garner followers now without tipping my hand on my really good stuff.

Finally, my last bad thing would be that the platform is pretty restricted. They have some very specific rules against certain behaviors and things like explicit content. Where pretty much anything goes on Steem, censorship is much more prevalent on Voice.

The Good (See Above)

My first good thing is the same subject as my last bad thing. The fact that Voice has greater restrictions on content means that it is going to be a cleaner, safer environment for individuals of all walks of life. I like the heart of the idea of keeping the platform a friendly and welcoming place devoid of the darker stuff that sometimes pops up on Steem.

The second thing would be the fact that there is going to be something here for everyone. When I was first introduced to Steem, my impression was it only contained well written, highly technical content. It was pretty intimidating at first, but I soon found that wasn't the case. My fear was that Voice would follow a similar route and I would have no chance of competing. Those fears were quickly resolved when I saw that one of Dan's (Larimer) first posts was a picture of his cat.

Finally, the interface is clean and pretty easy to use. I am still learning the mechanics of how everything works, but I think once I get the hang of it, things will be pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

The rewards system is not what I would call conventional. From what I gather voting on posts is more of a contest than what we see on Steem. It is almost like you are bidding to be the highest "voice" on a person post. I haven't dug into the documentation completely, but I am guessing that being the top voice gives you more of a reward than being one of them that got "outbid".

This is really only my second day on the platform and I have a ton to learn yet. Right now I can see Voice as being a good supplement to my work on Steem. I wouldn't be surprised if I do quite a bit of cross posting between the two platforms in the future. Most of my stuff is pretty tame anyway, so I don't need to worry about the censorship aspect.

If you are a US user who has been given beta access, what are your thoughts on the platform so far?

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I'm somewhat interested in Voice. Guess a better check my spam folder for the link.

Also, suspicious of a potential plot Mr. Sun is cooking to nab Steem's userbase to "flex" on it via the apparent Tron-It platform he has telegraphed intent to create. Not a fan tbh.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I have a plan as well. Witnesses don't seem to take me (or us I should say) seriously.

Not yet at least.

I kind of agree. I can't remember the last time a witness was forcibly removed from the top 21. It seems the majority of them just loose interest and fade into obscurity. Fingers crossed your link is there!

I'm just sitting here patiently waiting. I can't wait to hop on and have a look around.

Hopefully you get the invite soon!

Thanks for the inside information about voice @bozz.
Here in Europe, we have no access yet. But I will take a look at voice for sure as soon as they give me the possibility.

I think it is going to be pretty cool from what I have seen so far. This isn't Dan's first rodeo, so I have a feeling he has taken what he learned from creating Steem/Steemit and applied it to Voice.

First time when I hear. I remember other platforms like weku, kryptonia, Whareshares, I wonder what happened with those, it is hard to keep up with all. Thanks for info.😊

No problem! It will be interesting to see if it can grow and stay relevant.

I an kind of interested to check out Voice I haven’t got the nite yet but hope it comes soon, thanks for this good review

No problem. Hopefully you get yours soon!

Hopefully will be cool to see it for myself

I guess I can't use it yet, but I am reluctant to take on more social media even if it pays. I am hoping Steem can keep going as I have built up a good set of friends here.

I don't foresee voice being competition for Steem anymore than I see Reddit or medium being competition. I think there is room for both of them to strive. I also am choosing to remain positive about the whole Tron thing.

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I'll read about Voice through your experiences. So far it doesn't sound appealing to me, but who knows :-) I do see what marketing can do for a random app though, making me excited about what Sun can do for Steem :') Cheers!

I was interested in EOS before it was even running and probably before I was ever on Steem, so it is kind of special to me. I think it is going to have some good and bad's but eventually they will get it all worked out.

I was interested in EOS/Voice too, but now it's also kinda disappointing how EOS is failing and how Voice is now on a separate chain. Will certainly keep an eye on things though, every start is hard :-)

Very true. I can see your point and I share similar concerns about that as well. It would be cool if they could get the existing issues sorted out.

Dear @bozz

I've been always having impression, that to understand EOS and learning curve in that blockchain is even more difficult comparing to steem.

To create your account you need to go through a pretty extensive KYC process. It felt more like I was creating a trading account with Binance or Kraken.

That's definetly one hell of a reason why I do not feel comfortable joining Voice. And most likely I never will. How can anyone be sure that all data collected this way (KYC) are even safe?

Anyway thanks for sharing your experience with Voice. Solid read.

Yours, Piotr

If you go into Voice expecting it to be anything like Steemit, you will be very surprised and disappointed. Dan totally flipped the script after realizing the mistakes he made with the Steemit rewards system. He has had several years to think about what he would do differently. KYC isn't for everyone. In my opinion it is going to cut down on a lot of the trash that gets posted. I think it is a good thing.

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.
Cheers, Piotr