My Quarantine Challenges: Work & Workouts

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South Africa has been under quarantine for over a week now as it started on the 27th of March and has planned to be 21 days ending at one 17 April 2020 but as cases continue to rise, it looks like it could be extended.

If it is extended I will most likely not adhere to it, because it would then be pointless if it can't do what it's supposed to do, why should we keep to it?

More of the same isn't a solution and with South Africa's unemployment so high extending the lockdown will only cause more damage and deaths than this covid-19 will ever reach.

Anyway, I've tried to keep positive for now and focus on myself and trying to keep sane, when the world is clearly dumb as shit. But hey logic is not what the world is run on, but fear, stupidity, greed and mob rule propping up unqualified people to lead them, but alas that's not what we're here to talk about.

My Quarantine Challenge

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I've worked out for every single one of the days we're under lockdown which is 9 now. I'd love to lose 1 KG of fat if I can in the next 2 weeks and continue to build muscle and get leaner. Unfortunately, I cannot do as much cardio as I would like and regardless of training I won't be match fit once we have soccer again, but I'll do what I can.

  • I'd like to lose 1.5 kG of fat and build more muscle by 30 April 2020

Eating Clean

I've been eating far cleaner than I have in ages and I've bought enough food to not have to go out for some time. I want to see if for the rest of the quarantine if I can continue to not eat any carbs and sugar. 9 down so far, 12 more to go or so we're told.

  • I'd like to hold out on eating super clean until 17 April 2020


Client work as started to dry up as many of the businesses I do marketing for are affected by the lockdown and have either scaled down or shut down completely, which affects my income but helps me focus on my own site which I have been neglecting.

I would like to create at least 1 new blog post for my site a day and try to push my traffic up to at least 3000 visits per day, currently at 2400, while 600 extra visits don't sound like much its a massive effort to move the needle without paying for ads.

  • I'd like to hit 2700 per day by 30 April 2020


I've been watching the crypto market almost daily since we've been on the lock and while BTC is holding up nicely I still feel it will have a way down.

The stock market will continue to crash and pressures on margin calls as well as the individual will see more crypto sold off and I think we could see some cheap BTC and alts if that happens.

I'd like to move my holdings up to 1.5 BTC and if I'm lucky push it all the way up to 2 BTC

  • I'd like to hit 1.4 BTC by 30 April 2020

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Sounds like a good set of plans for this time.

A guys gotta have goals other than marking off the days on my wall like a prison cell

Sweden is Maybe the Only Country not in total lock down. Right or wrong? Let the future Tell.
Just now I work hard - do not know how Long I still get job. First client stop order last week.

I heard So and yes time will tell but I’d say even if they have to lock down Sweden could afford it more than say South Africa, we’re literally killing our country and currency by the day! I think it’s going to be worse than the virus.

I don’t know how much longer we can last the 3 weeks will already be enough to push us to the edge! At this point I’ll move to any place that allows me to do what I want and earn lol Sweden here I come, lol

I buy you a big jacket If you come!
I can still find snow outside.
And yes- we have a Good economy and Will servive this pretty Good.

Lol I’ll hold you to it, the bigger the jacket the better it can cover my whole body and you can teach me how to help .se websites get traffic because they are all ugly lol I’m sure you will always have work

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