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Each Photo is taken and post-processed by me, by Smartphone

Hello Steemians!

Today I want to tell you about my day. Oh yes, you have understand right. This is an initiative of @anomadsoul, followed by @blocktrades and the the @ocd team.

And we start...


with breakfast, obviously. An orange juice, strictly from the supermarket shelves. A good juice would be better but what you want, I'm a little lazy. so I wash, get dressed, check my smartphone and pc, look at steem, sometimes look at the cryptomarkets, then I take my bike and reach for silkscreen. But it is not just a silkscreen, many other things are done.


For example, I have seen cars or vans being decorated and there is a whole signage department that takes care of various types of old-fashioned advertising.



What I do there? Only a few times I have helped in the signage department, more than anything I remain on the side of screen printing.



Here they print t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, objects of various types. They use various types of frames, specific for this sector. Negatives of the prints are created which are then filled with color. Passing it on the type of accessory in print, you get the writing or drawing that the customer wants. Then they often go into the oven, so I stay to catch what comes out of the opposite side and I try to pack it.






There are many things that could work much better: old machinery, recycled boxes; for example, until a few days ago, machinery that was no longer in use was used because unfortunately the official one was broken. Even now that it is fixed, it is not entirely fixed, so the staff must do everything they can. Hopefully one day things will improve.



The years of experience have left indelible marks and the signs of colors that occasionally fall have formed what almost look like paintings on the floor.



Normally I left the screen print at the end of the morning, I return home by bike or by foot, sometimes with my dad but in the last times I suffer of a Strange form of dizziness and sickness, so I rarely opt for this solution. I have lunch at home, usually a a plate of pasta - no, I will often consume with two even, perhaps eating only a little else.

In the afternoon, I often go back to the screen print, but I recently happened to skip some rest of the day, partly because I have this slight physical phase shift, partly because the screen printing undergoes a physiological drop in work in the winter months.


So I will tell you about the other activity I do, also showing you 2 photos that I took just a few days ago: a long walk in the surroundings. Usually, I follow the frigid river, sometimes I follow the Brugian river and its numerous small tributaries, little more than large ditches colonized by plants, reeds, and some little ducks. Sometimes it is easy to see even some fish or bird specimens a little less common but being a very limited green area in the middle of an urbanized climate the rarer species hardly pass through these areas.


My day ends with a nice dinner, a TV series before and after it, an herbal tea and a lot of sleep. The last thing I see at sunset of my day is the morning time the next day .... or maybe it's already tomorrow? I've always wondered about ...

Thank you very much for your attention! To the next :)

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Sto, tanto per cambiare, lottando con il mio VP, ma un post come questo merita un passaggio, domani cercherò di fare una delle mie giornate lavorative, non so se ci riuscirò ma con una reward potenziale, anche se certamente sarò molto meno propositivo di te, così interessante un tentativo bisogna farlo...

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Allora di sicuro avrai un lettore, non voglio proprio perdermela 😈😁
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remain on the side of screen printing.

wow! I never asked, and you never told this. I am highly amused, impressed, and cheered up. congratulations! I also worked in this sector.. but (sadly) its in the past. a great job!

I'm happy, I didn't know you worked in that sector. I mostly fold and pack, I only print a few times

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I was mostly doing the pre-press jobs, layout, color-dividing and films etc. a few times asked and was allowed to print myself. these are best memorieas from my life, I only regret that I devoted so little time to this. I postponed, put it off all the time "until later" - and then this "later" didn’t come, but on the contrary, everything was canceled.

somewhere I have 4-5 pics from it... but I lost the track and cant find them! already was trying to find them to share, but no.... =)

There is time, who knows in the course of life what can happen

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I see you have already start to kill in 2020, way to go

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Many thanks 😆😁

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Thank you very much 🙂

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Thanks for sharing your day here. That walk must be refreshing after a day's work. Working at a signage department must be hard work.

A little bit but like many other Jobs 🙂

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Excellent details and colors

Thank you very much 😁

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I saw this challenge, and have read a few posts related to it. Such an interesting day you have. That's why I'm not posting. While it is true that I am never bored--ever--I have nothing to say that would be of interest to anyone :)
Not even breakfast :))

I'm sure you would find something and breakfast is certainly a topic to be explored very well 🙂

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Thanks, but really, you would be very, very bored. Although I'm not :))

You really had a nice day

Thanks 😁

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You're welcome dear