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Hi everyone
The spring break is over now for our children but the schools are closed indefinitely in my area due to coronavirus.
I’ve heard the schools are planning to provide some support for our children but I’ve decided to start home-schooling my youngest daughter (grade 5) already.
My oldest daughter is in grade 12. She is pretty much graduated she said.
Well, we’ll see about that LOL but I’m not so worried about her because she is capable of studying on her own. She is taking a gap year next year so it is kind of like starting that a little early.
For my youngest daughter, we discussed about what I want her to study, what she wants to learn and also how she wants to do it.
We have...

  • Reading
  • Math (Nintendo DS, IXL)
  • English (IXL)
  • PE
  • Guitar
  • French
  • Art (Drawing, MediBang, Animation)
  • Writing (Diary)
  • Cleaning

For reading, I gathered some books that my oldest daughter read when she was around grade 5. The difficult things here is that my youngest daughter will not agree with anything that her big sister liked...like Harry Potter books... :(

For math, we both agreed to use IXL and Nintendo DS game soft.
These are both great tools.

For English, I can’t help very much because my first language is Japanese but my daughter tried English language arts on IXL and she liked it.
So, well see how this goes. We’ll get help from Dad as well.

Dad is going to be the PE teacher haha...I can only take a walk with her here and there but he can take her for a bike ride and play soccer etc.

Guitar! I’m glad my daughter added this to the list. I can only teach the basic chords and simple songs but it’ll be fun.

French...well, I don’t speak French...neither does my husband but both of my children are in French immersion. I’m hoping that my oldest daughter can help with this by chitchatting and writing a dairy with her.

Art! My oldest daughter is an artist and she tutors weekly. Well, she is out of her tutoring job now so I thought it is a good idea to keep her busy as well hehe.
My youngest daughter wants to learn how to draw with MediBang (digital drawing app) and also how to create simple animation.

For writing, keeping a diary in English and French for now.

CLEANING!!! This is the most important part of the learning!
Hopefully she can keep up with her daily chores.

Well, she doesn’t need to do all of these every day.
The goal is for her to self start and self study. She will be choosing what she wants to do every day, writing them down and circle them when she is done to earn points.
Although, some subjects haven’t been taught at school yet. I’ll have to find the good approach to teach her.

I just realized that I forgot to add cooking and science experiment to the list.
Well, she is already doing some experiments on her own and making huge mess. I might need to re-think about that but that would be fun to do as well.
Just don’t leave your children with water and cornstarch mixture like I did xD
It’s super safe but super messy xD
Wish me luck!











次女ちゃんは MediBang(デジタルのお絵描きアプリ)の使い方と簡単なアニメーションを習いたいと言っています。






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i enjoyed reading your experience. we have same situation here except my girl is 10 y.o and we have much smaller subjects list .

CLEANING!!! This is the most important part of the learning!

cool. is it really on the school list, or are you joking?.. I wish my girl has more serious attiture to wards this! heh...
no drawing, no arts, no music lessons in her curriculum. 'the sighseeing' - a silly substitute to 'History' (mixed with Biology?!.. and god knows what else).

Russian language, English language and Reading. and no PE > thats all :/

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

My youngest daughter is 10 years old as well!
I learned to clean at school when I was a child (in Japan) I just added cleaning to the list hoping she can get around to it...at least her own mess.
I'm happy if she can do half of what we planned xD

if she can do hard

oh. did you mean, half?..

Half yes half xD

My oldest daughter is in grade 12. She is pretty much graduated she said.

does 'grade' mean 'class'?.. is 12 the final one, and why she's taking a gap next year?

Grade 12 is the last grade in high school. She is 17 years old.
She wants to take a year off before attending college so she can work, save money and travel. Although, it might be hard even to work with coronavirus situation right now :(

aaa! totally understand now. its a super great (and very wise) idea. I did it myself (not willingly). I had to work before I could enter a college for 2 years, and when I started studies -- I eventually noticed my brains/mind 'matured a bit more' than my classmates had it, just coming there from their scool classes. and I felt that made some difference. going to college not right after the school, makes you more oriented, more well-knowing what do you want to get , from the life, makes some of life's marks more visible.

good morning!

I totally agree with you. Gap year is something I wish I had when I was that age. We don't have such things in Japan. I was too immature to figure thing out back then :(

Wonderful plan, with Mom to oversee that it works..😊🙀

Thank you!
It is hard though...not having friends around...I'm happy if she can do half of what we planned.