Ulog: Rest in Peace Sharon - A fighter who lived relying STEEM

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In the last 2 years if you have seen a particular account owner, who would do whatever it takes to survive relying on cryptocurrency, particularly the STEEM coin, would know @fitinfun.

She has the Chutzpah (never say “no”) spirit in her even though she’s Canadian, and even though I didn’t get to talk to her often, some of us (including @bitrocker2020 and @khimgoh) in #teammalaysia would have known her more on a personal level; especially @jadeline and @happycrazycon .

She may not be the saint or an angel most of the time, but I can always say that she’s always an outspoken person for the minnows who like her, live on STEEM and very dependent on cryptocurrency in order to exchange into fiat to survive.

I speak a lot on STEEM because she never really experience the benefits of HIVE; when the Hard Fork happened, she was already battling her life with her frail body in the hospital.

If you have remembered, she actually asked the STEEM community to help her to gather enough funds for almost USD $1500 for her medical bills (and other payments) in case she recovers from it. Now we have no idea what happens next as we patiently waits for the communication between Kuala Lumpur General Hospital with the Canadian Embassy, while at the same time, hoping to locate her some (who she speaks so much about) or any other next of kin.

Her last active on the account was about 17 days ago; before the fork happened.

As I continue to write this remembering her fighting spirit, this truly has got me thinking a lot on the last 4 days how the HIVE supporters have been behaving in the Steemit platform: What our main reason to fork from the now centralized chain, the crypto that Sharon loved so much, the peer-to-peer exchange that truly helped her through for almost 2 years while she’s being so active on the Steem blockchain.

Has the influencers and leaders of the HIVE blockchain been truly working towards a community-strong environment after the move; or just merely despising and dissing the centralized control owner Justin Sun for losing their long lost home (which is duplicated in HIVE anyways) with “jilted ex manifesto” because of the years of hard sweat sown and fruits of its benefits reaped?

Up till this point I only see how fighters loudly trashing the centralized chain like trolls while some of the witnesses and dapps owners work hard to make things available for everyone to enjoy, maybe “rape” the pool all over again.

But don’t count me wrong, I personally know some influencers are working hard to bring positive-ness back into the chain.


As I have sent an open letter in twitter before just before Sharon’s passing, I will write it here again.

For those who have been enjoying watching this drama seeing ex-Steem now HIVE community making a fool out of themselves like trolls of jilted exes on Twitter and creating bots to spam on Steemit platform; please, I ask of you, don’t let one enemy play you down into his hands and show the world what morons the HIVE community can be. This is not promoting the positive HIVE energy that all of us (setting aside our differences) united together and migrated to this “new home”.

What is done is done. We should by now focus on how to promote the strength of the community by being there for one another, instead of trashing something that we no longer can call our home.

There are real people like Sharon who relied on crypto’s bullish in order to survive, who does not have anything else except their creative writing skills / content creation to feed on. We are all now in uncharted waters where our imagination is our limit to make HIVE not only just a “earn and sell revenue”, but perhaps something to go further bridging those who could afford to buy HIVE and those who need real assistance.

Everyone has an opportunity to see how HIVE can be a benefit holistically, instead of “what is it in for me” waiting for others toil without sleep to create something for the benefit of everyone.

True I know not everyone is a developer; but in #teammalaysia for the last (almost) 3 years we used steem to strengthen relationship, trust within one another; helping one another especially in charity sector with our own given talent. We stepped out of our comfort zone to help people like Sharon, though to some may have said she ripped off some community members in order to survive; but it strengthen our humanity in some ways.

This is something I hope in HIVE there will be more and more support groups coming up, or at least concentrate back on what is important, instead of throwing nasty remarks on main social network or creating bots just to wreck the “shitcoin” that once fueled this vibrant community.

Don't forget: One bad apple is enough to spoil the entire basket's reputation.

Let us choose our battles right; and make HIVE a better place to be in.

Lastly, my thoughts and prayers for Sharon’s family, wherever they are, I pray that they are still alive and well and that the Embassy will be able to contact them to know about her passing.

Until then

Peace to you all.

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.

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Sorry to read about this loss. She used to enter my contests and one a prize with this selfie that she took on the way to the pharmacy. She was in a lot of pain and it showed. RIP Sharon.


Yes. That was mostly due to edema (and also a lot of underlying problems).

Thank you for stopping by.

That double-stake of the fork would have helped her out, it came too late. I met Sharon in Bangkok and chatted with her on several occasions.

It always feels strange to me when someone dies who I have interacted with and gives me goosebumps. Maybe they know I'm thinking about them up there somewhere.

@goblinknackers traded her some BAHT for STEEM as she needed cash. He's shocked too.

RIP Sharon (@fitinfun).

Oh it was @goblinknackers who traded her between Baht and STEEM! It was only our practice here in Malaysia but I remembered she shared with me in Bangkok how she was asking around with the method we started in our discord many moons ago and that got her to get some baht to move around.

Yes, it was a shock to me too. I tried to call her when she first posted her plea to raise funds but she was hardly receiving her calls. I guess at that time she was already frailing; and with the COVID-19 outbreak, none of us could go to see her hospital as it was one of the main hospitals that treats COVID-19 (on a different floor) in Kuala Lumpur and we were under lock-down.

I do wonder if this virus was the last straw and finished her off? There's no sign of it slowing here despite the lockdown imposed.

According to her death report, it was only pneumonia LA; although one of the signs of COVID-19's death is pneumonia.

The only consoling news I have of her is she died in her sleep peacefully.

I met her very briefly at SF4, such sad news.

RIP @fitinfun.

Yeah. She has been with the #teammalaysia for several months and when she told us she started having issues walking and her legs were swelling because of edema some of us from the community have urged her to see a doctor; but alas she admitted too late and apparently pneumonia LA took the life out of her.

Sorry to hear this. It is the people who make this a good place to be and it's sad to lose any of the community.

Yes, we all felt that loss hearing her passing. She's a feisty fighter for the minnows and that's the beauty of her in this community.

Our sincere condolences to Sharon's family. We pray that her next of kin will be able to be contacted.

We only knew about her not so long ago. We are really sorry to hear of her passing.

Daily Bread Food Bank

Thanks, director. We tried our best to help her but we were too late.

RIP @fitinfun. We haven't interacted in a long time, but she was one of the first people who followed me and commented on my blog. She seemed like a very nice lady!

She was. Strong willed too. Unfortunately she was admitted a little late and the doctors and nurses done everything they could to treat her.

Thank you for stopping by.

RIP @fitinfun, I really shocked to know that she passed away.

Thank you for stopping by. We really need to find her son. If you know anyone who knows her personally then please convey her passing. The hospital and the Canadian Embassy are now in contact but we do not know what's going to happen to her body without the next of kin contacted.

I will try to help by making a little announcement about this at my next post. That is all I can do for this moment.

RIP @fitinfun ~ Sharon French... 🌼🌿🌼🌿🌼

Some of us (you know who you are) have known her since tsu days, even if we may not know her well. It's been a long fight, rest now...

I actually didn't know she was in TSU. But TSU days the community was so big we hardly communicate like we do now.

RIP Sharon. It was a pleasure meeting her at SF4. She reminded me of the struggle minnow face on this platform. Glad to hear her passing was peaceful.

🕉 Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ 🙏

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Yes it was deliberate, in fact, if you see this post correctly, I also deliberately declined payout.
Why do I want to trash the hive community in a way to "slap your faces"?

Because although I didn't agree with the soft fork or the hard fork that has happened, I understood that it was the last straw, I personally have met some of the witnesses during SF4 and they would know that I have always supported and admired the cause they have painstakingly supporting the entire chain, and bleeding out even; when other such as yourself enjoyed this blockchain with whatever content you have written. The last 2-3 years I did nothing but to promote the blockchain we once loved and I will still promote this chain for its decentralisation...

But behaving like a monkey at the other chain has to stop

That doesn't show professionalism and this is just like childsplay promoting something on an international scale competition. We have a crazy rich Asian to compete in terms of stability, on-boarding, fair of governance and curb the abuse of the pool to make sure that this community thrives and outshines like others as a whole UNIT; and because of some moron started bot spamming disgusting to my stomach post just to promote HIVE, it's like walking down the red light district seeing pimps luring customers to have a good time at their turve.

I speak out on this as a person who has walked with the community for almost 3 years. And behaving emotionally on a blockchain will not help the good name of HIVE that these witnesses and dapps are working on.

If you cannot see my plea, take a step back and look further how you would like HIVE to move forward. Are you complacent with the present situation? Just post some blogs, earn HIVE and maybe sell them off and sing "kum ba ya" and all is good?

Then you do not know how dire the situation is in the real world that cryptos such as HIVE can truly be as part of the support that could help real people in trouble like Sharon.

With no central banking (cartels) control during emergency cases

I speak out on this because I care about the HIVE's reputation.

Maybe you don't. You just want to get even with what a tyrant has took away from you.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by.