My Random Series: Grow! Let's Grow!

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Some updates on my little vegetables garden... My tomatoes started to have more sprouts... So happy!


It was just one tiny sprout yesterday... And see today we have plenty more!!! Another few more days, they will be moving to a bigger place... The egg carton couldn't hold them anymore...

I wonder how long will it take to grow my first tomato... Hmm... I asked Mr Google... And he told me it will take about six to eight weeks... OK... So I will have to be patient... Water the plants everyday...

As for my pumpkin... Growing more...


Mr Google said it will take up to 85-130 days before I have my first pumpkin... So more patience needed...

As for my chili...


Two to four weeks to have my first chilli... That's what Mr Google said...

So patience and more patience... And also will need to be taking good care of them daily... Making sure no worms or any bugs eyeing them... Or else I will be planting food for them instead of for my family...

Seeing these greenery grow each and everyday is one of the happiest moment...

That's it from me today... Wish you all a great weekend ahead! 😘😘😘


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Glad to see that your veggies are growing fast. @elizacheng

PS: For better result, you might want to try out this fertilizer from Mr. DIY

It's all organic and good for your health, clap x5 :)

Oh. OK. Thanks. 😁

Ah, so nice @elizacheng I have also been thinking to start a vegetable patch as a project with my little boys and now that I see your post....definitely going to start looking into it asap! Sooooo fun!

Start start start... Don't think and wait... Just plant... Buy the black soil from Tesco. RM2 per 3kg... That's the cheapest I can get. Giant is RM2.60 per 3kg.