Candid Journal Entry #6: Arise Chicken

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         As expected, the cases keep going up as the state further testing to the populace. The county mayors, of course, are still pushing for shelter-in orders. People aren't always the best at following the stay home directives. Some of them tend to think being in close contact in a group of less than 10 is all right.

         There's an underlying Utahan joke there somewhere as many people have large families. At some point, I do believe that the governor will issue lockdowns across the state. As the number of hospitalization continue to grow, it will be interesting to see at the end of the month. In theory, we would be seeing the recovery numbers start to appear. Here's the latest from the state website:


         Remember how I mentioned APMEX had a $300 minimum purchase limit? The company lifted it yesterday. Not that it matters because inventory is still sparse. That is, unless you go for those 1-kilo or 100-oz. silver bricks. Those tend to be a bit on the pricey end. Then again, why not go full metal with this 120-piece silver building blocks?


         Gosh, it's like you are trying to feel rich or something.

         Speaking of sparse, you may encounter some issues when buying chicks this year. The raids on the grocery stores are not limited to only toilet paper. It expands into common food items such as eggs.

         By nature of demand, those with the means would try to get chickens. Unfortunately, many people think the same. The only difference is that it is much easier for the toilet paper scalper to hoard the wipes than the birds.

         Even in the local area, the hatcheries have advised people to reserve ahead of time. Here's one of such examples from Chase Hatchery:

covid 3.png

         I've never been super into eggs, but I often keep a few dozens in the fridge. They last a long time as long as the integrity of the shells stays intact.

         I'm neither an expert at raising chickens, nor do I have the means to operate a chicken coop at the moment. I do know that raising chicks can be a bit tricky. You expect mortality from the young'uns. You are also taking chances on the gender when buying chicks.

         When the hens start producing eggs for you, they are good for several years before they slow down. I guess the rotisserie option follows afterwards.

         Point being, it's a commitment. But, it's an incredible way to become more self-sufficient.

         I bet a lot of weed enthusiasts looked forward to April 20 this year. Life came at you fast, you'll have to celebrate in a more discrete manner. I doubt the pandemic will end in the next week and half.

         Regardless, stay safe.

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Someone gets it.

My buddy just picked up a bunch of chickens the other day. He does it every year so it really isn't that out of character for him. He also gets rabbits from time to time to raise for food. This sort of thing is perfect for the lifestyle he has embraced.

Does he breed the rabbits?

I think he used to yes. It's been a while, I just remember they were dang tasty!

I haven’t had rabbits in a long time.