My 2020: Just a normal day in my Kuala Lumpur Malaysia life

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I live in a local neighborhood at the north east edge of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I live on a tourist visa, and leave each 90 days to renew it. This trip is coming up next week when I will fly to Bangkok, but all of the other days are very similar.

I will be here as long as Malaysian immigration is fine with letting me in, and after 1.5 years here, so far, so good.

My neighborhood is a mixed place of Malay Muslims, Indian Hindus, Chinese Buddhists and Christians and one old white lady from the west, which is me. There is nothing here for the average tourist, and so we do not see any of them.

I love my views here and treasure living near such lovely nature while still having city convenience. Many birds fill my days with song and color and the skies are always pretty and interesting.


I am known as "Auntie" to all and find warm people, great food, easy access to transport and very cheap living.



Most days are the same for me here. All are punctuated by the Muslim call to prayer, which goes off in the 4 mosques I can hear 5 times each day.


The times are variable based on the time of year, but generally the call goes out at 5:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

I am so used to this chanting now, that I don't often hear it unless the wind pattern makes it very loud from the nearest of the mosques. This one is one of the largest anywhere in the city, and is a destination mosque for celebrations. So sometimes it is very congested there. Near me is a hotel people stay at for events at the mosque and I can see the tower and hotel from some places on my condo property.


I do not have potable water in my condo and go out most days to buy it from machines. I am not too strong and so cannot buy a lot of water each time. I have to be able to carry it back after I get it.


Usually my water run is combined with a trip for food. I don't cook much as the 24/7 food options outside and inside my condo gate are cheaper and better than I could make myself.


I have been quite ill with a disease called edema since October 2019 and take medicine to try to heal it these days. The medicine is hard on my system, and so I am in bed rest about 18-20 hours a day. One to two hours up equals 3-5 hours in bed with my feet elevated and with bandages trying to get leg swelling to ease.

I'm showering 3-5 times a day to get rid of the "weeping edema" symptoms I have. This is a fluid running out the pores of my legs and is very gross as well as dangerous. One shower equals one hour in bed at least. But letting that fluid stay stuck on my body can lead to infection, so I need to stay on top of it.


I do not have a lot of clothes, but what I do have is constantly in need of laundry now. The compression clothing for my lower body is soaked through often and so I'm doing laundry a few times a day to be sure to have something clean to help the edema leakage.


My STEEM work takes up most of the computer time I can handle. I have three blogs as you see below and try for 25+ posts and 200 comments a week. I have not been making it due to illness so far this year, but I try my best.

I am a @tipu curator on STEEM and have a deadline of 11 am each day to boost the posts of 3-5 steemers. I look for posts with less than 50 cents on them and boost them to at least $1.50. I also have other places I curate for and so add those tipu posts to those when appropriate.

Nothing makes me happier than to see a steemer get great rewards they were not expecting. I know how motivating that can be, so I do my tipu work if nothing else.

I use twitter to promote steem. I have a good account over there and used to use it for my work on Natural Weight Loss. But lately it is all about steem since many of us are there.

I have a goal to write some STEEM posts to help us all do better. We have enough steeming tweeps and can make a good splash if we all work together with good strategies.

Since my niche on steem is minnow tips, I get messages on discord and by email most days with new people asking for help on a variety of issues and questions. I check at least daily and help when I can or sometimes refer the person to someone else who can help them.

As I mentioned above, I have a Visa trip next week. Lately I have not been flying much, and have not stayed in hotels. Buses and hostels are more the speed of my budget.

But at this point I am too sick to travel on a long bus ride and not willing to subject others in a hostel room to the illness I suffer now. The edema symptoms I have will not be healed by next week, and so I have made the decision to take the easiest trip I can instead of the cheapest.

So far I have been able to manifest about 2/3’s of the money I need to travel. I am on the hunt for another $110 usd by next week in order to pay all the costs, and so this is a bit of a change to my normal routine.

Will I have this money when I need it? Yes I will because I have faith, and there is no other choice.

My post is for the "Just a normal day" contest by @anomadsoul, @blocktrades and @ocd-witness. The contest is almost done, so get your post in now and you will be happy you did. I have been reading many of these, and it has been quite an education to find out how other STEEMers live.

All of the photos on this post were taken by me with various cheap cameras and cell phones.

What I do on STEEM


  • freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • Minnow Tips
  • Photography
  • Travel


  • Food and ccc contest posts
  • Tasteem restaurant reviews
  • @pifc contest entries


  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions
  • BitcoinMalaysia playing card posts; coming soon!

My most recent summary of Minnow Tips is here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

These tips will help you if you are new and struggling on STEEM. Tag me in any comment, and I will help you if you ask me to.

Find me on Discord:


Email me:

sjfrenchtosd at <<< NOT my paypal address

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Have not joined SteamPeak now I hardly see your posts for some strange reason, found this on Twitter Sharon.

So sorry to hear you are still battling with health issues, at least you are in a country you now call home and have settled. Thanks for sharing some of the lifestyle you see and enjoy every day.


You are already a member of steempeak, @joanstewart. You just need to login like any other dApp. I use it instead of steemit for admin, but do not use it to post with. Thank you far all of your support. It means the world to me :)

I have looked into steempeak each time it requests the active key now the posting key which I find a bit odd so never continued into it to see further Sharon. Hope you feel better soon and sort health issues out.

Hi.. Good to see a post about ur life in Malaysia. I think it's more different in Sarawak.. West Malaysia and East Malaysia have different cultures, there are a lot less Muslims here. Maybe around 30 percent indeginous people, 30 percent Muslims and 30 percent Chinese. If you ever come to Sarawak one day, you will feel as though isn't an Islamic country. Haha.. Just my thoughts.. Anyways, how do you curate those content as a tipu curator? Hopefully you will feel better soon. It's really interesting read your post. I still haven't gotten the gist of freewrite. Have a great day. =)

Hello Fitinfun it's so sad to read that you are going through health problems. I hope that soon you will get better and that you will be able to make your trip. Take care of yourself! I hope to have good news from you soon.🙏

Hello @fitinfun, Malaysia is a very far country from where I am that is Venezuela, but today we can read each other thanks to technology and this great social network.

From the bottom of my heart I wish that I get better and if possible get totally healed, I think that every person has a health detail that sometimes is difficult to tell, you have been very brave to express it here.

Thank you very much for your post, God bless you.


🎁 Hi @fitinfun! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @joanstewart!

Check out @joanstewart blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

Congrats on being strong in this situation! Wishing you real rejuvenation of the body and.. please say HI to the local neighborhood! (from a steemian) ;)