What would happen if a steem token would be listed on Coinmarketcap? And is it possible?

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Let's end the week with an intriguing question which is running through my mind the last day. A question which I don't know the complete answer on! This question was triggered again by a post from @pele23.

Steem tokens

Since the introduction of steem-engine, we have seen an explosion of Steem tokens. There tokens are in variable sizes, cover various topics or are just very general.
But for the moment nobody knows of this hidden crypto world outside of the steem world. And the more I do think about it, the more potential I do see in the steem blockchain. Not as much in Steem in general but in the endless possibilities there are!
Like @tarazkp wrote it feels like playing a game in sandbox mode.


Well CMC, to make is easier, is the market leader when it comes down to showing the values of almost all cryptocurrencies. If you are a cryptocurrency and aren't listed on CMC, well they you do mean shit.

So what would happen if one of the Steem tokens would be listed on CMC?


CMC makes a distinction between cryptocurrencies and tokens. A tokens is cryptocurrency that depends on another cryptocurrency as a platform. So steem is listed as a cryptocurrency while one of it tokens would be listed as token with Steem as platform.

Listing criteria CMC.

The minimal listing criterias are:

Well the boxes 1 and 2 can be almost immediately checked and 4 also will not be a problem. The biggest problem is probably requirement number 3. But this isn't a dead end street according to me.


So before this can happen, steem-engine should be listed on CMC as a crypto-exchange. Which it actually is.
For sure now that more and more pegged tokens are added to steem-engine.
So @aggroed, @@@yabapmatt or @harpagon are there are plans in the future to get steem-engine listed on CMC?
This maybe could be the breakthrough which steem really needs to get discovered by more and more people.

Listing Steem-Engine as an exchange should be a problem I guess. Much more trustworthy than many other exchanges which are listed.

And than what?

So suppose the steem-engine teams gets steem-engine listed as an exchange on CMC. This would be the first good step in the direction. This would result in a lot of positive press from steem-engine and Steem in general.

Next it is up to the token holders. They should step up next to the plate and hit the home run we are all waiting for.

But not all Steem tokens do have a shot at getting listed.
I do think that the general tokens like @neoxian, @palnet or @cc will be the first to achieve this holy goal!
We have to think about steem tokens which could operate stand-alone from steem, have a different purpose or do add value.

The first tokens which come to my mind are:


Well splinterlands could become very interesting when the mobile apps is released. The DEC has an own purpose and can be seen as the ingame currency. The combination of the mobile app, running on multiple blockchains and being listed on CMC (lots of press) could give it the final push it needs to reach the higher limits!


Well appics could become the instagram of the blockchain, but then they have to improve the onboarding of new users and probably have enough steem, so that they can pay for the transaction of their users.


Didn't think about this is first case but why not. I can be consider a more stand alone app.

So would this really mean?

Well steem-engine would be an official crypto exchange, all apps still need steem which would increase the value of Steem of course. Not alone that, it would give steem a lot of press, good press.

What are you ideas about this?
Is it possible? And if so, which token would be the first?


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Not a bad idea at all. Surely @aggroed will think about

Probably he already did but decided that it was too soon or not worth the hassle for steem-engine!

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Just a guess, but since there’s only one exchange (SE) to trade the tokens, CMC might not list them just for that reason.

Go way down on their market cap list. Even the 1000th largest (currently, FXT) trades on a half dozen exchanges.

According to their requirements one would be enough!
Even scorum is listed which is only available at one exchange!

Here is the req for an exchange which wants to be listed!


Feel free to resteem so that as much as possible people can give their opinion.

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Nice post, tnx for mentioning me, but I think it is closer than we think! Have some !trdo

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