A Couple Video Clip Montages Of Unrest Events From TikTok.

in hive-193816 •  2 months ago  (edited)

I have seen so many of these kind of clips, I wanted to make a couple montages of it. It is intense. I don't want to try to say too much more about it for now. Sometimes you need the time to just take it in. In my own self I've been doing real good lately I'd say. Put out about 100 tracks via distribution service. Getting me pumped to make more. I always like my newest stuff 'cause it can feel like a progression of a story. I even have my tracks on TikTok, that's fun as a creator for me to put my own music to a tiktok easily.

Here are the 2 montages. One is more a glitch video.

And now the glitchy one

Pretty wild. Still taking it in. I have the garden to work on after this good rain. That will clear my head.

The new Synthesis Underground will be dropping around June 12 onto more services. Can be found everywhere including Spotify


I have another music announcement to make tomorrow.

You can also check me out at - https://massesect.bandcamp.com


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