New Album Of Old Tracks - Synthetic Reconstructed Memory by Synthesis Underground is Out Now

in hive-193816 •  2 months ago 

I used to make some electronic music before too. I decided to compile it onto a new release so people can check it out. I like to compare the tracks to the sounds I make now. The songs are good, they tell a sort of story in the way I arranged the tracks. Before I was more sample based, I like the collage art aspect. For my newer stuff I mostly make all the melodies and drums myself instead of just sampling.

You can now find the album on Youtube and Spotify

I have Synthetic Reconstructed Memory Volume 2 coming out very soon, in the next couple days. It has more tracks on it so takes a bit longer for the stores to process.

Now with the good weather and chaos out in the world I'm ready to make allot of new material. Thinking of taking my computer, interface, microphone, bass and guitar to the park and just start making something. I gotta get out there, out of my house!

These albums won't be on Bandcamp. Though the songs are there but spread out between a few releases. I used to make variety show compilation albums. Now I'm more releasing music by sound instead.

Here is my Bandcamp and Soundcloud page

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