Ultimate Sonic3 And Knuckles Glitch In Angel Island - Many Robotniks Chase Blue Knuckles In Level

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Made a glitch level my childhood self would be proud of! I always though about hacking Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Finally found out how to! I thought about placing more bosses in the level to provide more of a challenge/forentertainment. I was able to do that. Altered the stage a little. This was my practice level!! I like how it turned out. Took me a couple days of playing and tweaking to get something I found fun to do!! This play through is with Blue Knuckles being invincible and having infinite rings. I will play through the level at a later date with no cheat codes. And it is really hard, not just in difficulty, also if Big Arms Robotnik catches you it can glitch where you are unable to finish the level. I may tweak whats going on to make it smoother.

For now I have a play through of a my practice level that was super fun for me!! My kid self is in glee! I really needed this. Gaming has always been a positive escape where I can come back and look at life safe. Sonic to me is a positive character. I like how he frees animals from robotic prisons. Robotnik is a symbol for the technocrat sociopath that's just power tripping. Wants to turn nature into a slave for sinister needs. I find a character like Sonic very comforting in battling that. The glitch world I made is a metaphor too. All these glitches arise in the mechanical cold world, a character like sonic can navigate that hell scape too and come out triumphant!!

This video is going Knuckles route in Angel Island for Act 2. In another video he goes Sonic's route and it glitches bad and ends at the end of the level. I may re-do it. Kept the video 'cause it was a weird glitch. Interesting to compare the chaos of the 2 play throughs. So yea super happy with the how the glitch gameplay turned out. Fighting bosses through the whole level makes it more interesting to me. Want to see what I can come up with next. Now I will take a break and make more music. When I come back to the game I will know more what I'm doing and can build more extra interesting stages.

I like how this has been entertaining for me. Let's see how much further I can mess this game up yet! teehee

I make music too!!



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lol. These glitch are insane.

hehe thanks! It was fun to do